Pearls Of Different Colours Season 2 Episode 1

As we began the quiz, I had been shivering all over. The first stage came with less tough questions but the subsequent ones were tough.Jozy was the MC for the program and her eloquence was amazing.
She kept announcing whenever we got to a different stage.And she had the audience enjoy the quiz despite the fact that we up there were somehow sweating.
Nicole and I got personal with the questions; questions that looked more like our type of questions.Almost nighty percent of what we had studied.
Nicole , Amanda and i did more of the answering of major questions whilst the other three tackled bonus questions and quickly prompted us when they couldn’t answer them.
Who at all was this guy? .I asked myself time without number as I sat on my seat.
Jeffrey kept smiling at me ;looking in my direction and this got me more nervous but I felt more relaxed anytime I looked at him.It made me feel he was there to support me and no matter the outcome, he would still be with me.I preferred not to look at the huge crowd gathered at the auditorium. And anytime i looked towards his direction, I had a smile on.I kept stirring at Jeffrey’s face or on the piece of paper i had in front of me.It looked like that was the safest way .
The questions came in six rounds and before we knew it we had almost gotten to the finished line.
( Jozy walked to the stage to give yet another announcement.)
Jozy : ” So we are at the knockout stage and let’s kindly have our quiz mistress ; Mrs Lilian announce the two schools that would have to face each other for the prize and the other two which would have to be kicked out.” Jozy said this, and left the stage.
( All eyes were now fixed on our quiz mistress who was about speaking.)
” Mrs Lilian :” It just so happened that we would have a back to back between Melbourne High and Mount Olives Boys school; these two schools have made it through.”( there was shouts of joy and screaming from the crowd).Please can we have some silence.
” Now,it is at this final round that we would find out which school emerges the winner.she added “.
( Turning to the other two schools, she spoke)
” This is the knockout stage and I’m sorry to ask the two other schools to step out.Very well done for being here and we hope to see you participate in our next quiz competition.Thank you for being here”.
To the final round, each school was to drop four participants.This got us worried. We never imagined getting only two participants to the final stage.It was a very difficult decision which we had to make in less than ten minutes after which the final stage of the competition was to begin. Tasha, Emily and Hannah agreed to leave.Leaving Me, Amanda and Nicole to decide which one of us would be willing to leave.
I made an attempt to get up, Amanda held me to sit; and stopped me from getting up.
” You two go ahead Rachel, we believe you can do this ” .Amanda said.
All four girls waved the crowd and took leave of us.

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The entire auditorium was filled with noise making .Our joy knew no bounds because we had made it through to the knockout stage.Now it was just two of us , we were happy but scared.
” We still have to continue with the teamwork; it brought us this far” , Nicole told me.I nodded my head in agreement.
Four of the guys from Mount Olives boys’ school got up in no time.It seemed they knew quiet a lot about the competition than we did .They also looked more excited.Those guys were damn good and they just so knew they would win the competition.
But it was now or never, we had to do this.It was Melbourne Girls’ verses Mount Olives Boys’.
The final round had began and it looked like the guys were getting ahead of Nicole and I. Then through to the next, we did much better than they did . This continued until the bell was rang to mark the end of the quiz.
Nevertheless we still did well to tackle most of he questions .
The competition had finally come to an end.
(Jozy came up the stage and gave a few announcements.)
Jozy:” This is where the much awaited moment comes.We will turn to Mrs Lilian to tell us which of these schools go home with the prize.
But before that ,a quick reminder of the prizes and cash involved ; you all .The winner and first runner up of this competition goes home with a one year supply of provisions, books and stationary,a cash prize of five thousand cedis for the winners each and two thousand for the first runner ups each. Also, each of these participants would be given a scholarship based on their final results during their WASSCE examinations.This means once they make it through to the university with good results,automatically ; they get to be given scholarships throughout their university education. There are also some goodies for their schools .May the best school win.Over to you Mrs Lilian “. Jozy brought her talk to an end.
The microphone is given to Mrs Lilian)
The shouts and noise making came with applauds as Mrs Lilian got the microphone to speak.
Mrs Lilian : ” Mount Olives Boys’ High school is the winning school for this quiz competition; beating Melbourne girls’ high school with just two points .” Well done ladies but the guys have this.”she said standing up to give us a hug.
Everyone stood up to clap for us.Miss Lydia was happy and I could just see Jeffrey’s face lit with smiles as he kept clapping hard and giving us a thumbs up.
The songs were sang,the noise making got worse,the clapping and jubilation was intense
Miss Lydia came up stage and joined Mrs Lilian who was hugging us as we cried.
” We are so proud of you two Rachel and Nicole.Just work harder for the scholarship scheme. You don’t have to be sad,you made it to this point and the whole of Melbourne high would be very proud of you, I am and I know your parents would be too, stop the tears young ladies “, she kept pulling our cheeks so we would smile which we did amidst the tears .Miss Lydia kept making us smile ticking both Nicole and I up the stage.
( Jozy had the microphone)
Jozy : “Ladies dry your tears and come for your awards. You are geniuses, always remember that ” ,Jozy called us onto the middle of the stage.Can we please be seated and have the minister of education come on stage to present these beautiful ladies with their prizes.
( The minister was then given the microphone to speak)
Minister: ” The planners of this competition has a supply of books for Melbourne girls’ high library and also a basketball court
a furnished library and cinema would be built for the school ; because this is the very first time a girls’ school has ever gotten to the knockout stage talk less of almost beating these guys.The board of directors have already agreed on this.You really deserve these girls .And no worries boys ,we’ve got you covered also ” . He added with a smile.
Miss Lydia was so happy hearing this and she thanked the minister for their kind gesture.
We were helped with our prizes ,we walked offstage and were ushered to take seats arranged for us in the front row of the audience.
We waited for Mount olives boys’ high to be presented with their prizes and you could just imagine the noise making and jubilation.
Their teachers joined them up the stage as they were about taking their prizes.
” Can we have the winners of last year’s competition present them with their prizes .” the quiz mistress said.
Just then, Jeffrey got up with another guy of his age as both of them walked to join the others on stage.Immediately , I saw Miss Lydia get up clapping with a smile beaming on her face.
Nicole turned to look at me with a smile, I looked back at her surprised;with my mouth dropped open as I stood up.
” Jeffrey Benson and Kelvin Peters were once students of Trinity boy’s high school.They won last year over our very own Wembley boys’ high school and also were the best students who performed exceptionally well in last year’s WASSCE examination. They are both in first year currently on scholarships in one of the country’s best university.And are doing remarkably well over there , I must say.
I would like you all , with a standing ovation welcome these two wonderful sharks.” The quiz mistress spoke with so much pride in her voice as she stood up clapping.Along with the others, I got up to clap for Jeff and Kelvin when they got up the stage to present the prizes to Mount olives boys’ with the education Minister aiding them.Still having the surprise look all over my face.
Jozy came up stage to say a prayer to climax the ending of the program.With music playing in the background, balloons left to fly around as people danced and had fun.Children laughing and running around.
Jeffrey came to Miss Lydia after the presentation.He gave us both a big hug and our usual high five.He called the other girls and congratulated all six of us.We made noises and lots of shouting.Then he went over to Miss Lydia.
” Aunt, I think we should get going now, dad would be here to pick us up any moment from now”, he added looking at Nic and I smiling.We both almost had our eyes popping out hearing him call our teacher aunt.
” Nothing to worry about girls, Jeffrey’s dad is my brother .He would come pick us to the school. This crazy guy here is my nephew and we are all in safe hands ” .Miss Lydia confessed hitting Jeffery’s chest.We all were shocked but began laughing at Miss Lydia who was busily hitting Jeffery’s chest.
After a while, Jeffrey’s dad came for us after we finalised our departure with the organisers of the program. We said
goodbyes to Jozy who advised us to be good girls and work hard towards the scholarship.
We took our leave and soon got to our school’s parking lot after two hours drive.We all got out of Mr Benson’s car.
Amanda and the other girls complained of hunger and hurried for their dorms leaving Nicole and I with the Benson’s.Our things were taken into Miss Lydia’s office.
” Yes yes , lest I forgot, Rachel,Miss Lydia remembered.Jeff is the guy who saved you from that bully; I mean he beat that guy up, he gave you first aid before giving me a call to tell me what had happened to you.He also took you to the nurses office.
I think this lovely nephew of mine deserves a thank you at least.” She said smiling but jokingly.Nicole looked at me smiling and nodding in agreement.
I covered my mouth with both hands. I couldn’t say anything
I was more than surprised . I walked to give Jeffrey a hug and whispered a thank you into his ears.He held me tight and whispered back quietly. ” I love you Rachel and thank you too” .
He told Miss Lydia he would be visiting us often. I got shy immediately. Nicole and I thanked them all. Jeffrey and his dad sat in their car; they drove off as all three of us waved at them.
Just like Jeffrey , i also looked toward to having a long lasting friendship with him…..

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