Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 9

We had just few months to write our final exams for third year and exactly a week to the competition. We were preparing adequately.
Miss Lydia, Mrs Francess, Mr McLean as well as Mr Arnold were the four teachers who took us through different lessons to prepare us. From early mornings to evenings ; we had to study and memorise everything.
Nicole and I had become much more closer than we used to be. We did virtually everything together. I realised Nicole had become rather a positive influence on me and this was helping me academically and building myself confidence. She had also been open about certain things and this made our friendship grow stronger.
Nicole was one fun person to be with and always had something to say to make us laugh ; a character I didn’t know she had
Kendra and Lisa had gotten used to the change and had adopted to it rather faster than we had imagined .They had been more like best of friends from the beginning so this didn’t seem like a bother to them ; they were crazy in their own way, although we did study together from time to time.
I was now beginning to understand what my mum said about Nicole and I begun to agree with her.
We also had time with some influential figures and seniors who had once been students of our school who tutored us and encouraged us to set our eyes on the goal and nothing else. If not to make our school proud , we had to make our families proud they took care of us through school. We had to take this opportunity and make use of it.
We spent long hours at the library with Mrs Gansah also, she tutored us on some historical secrets that most quizzes usually comprised of.
We were six girls. We worked together and this made it more fun.We spent quality time with one another and signs we needed to do to tell each other if one needed to answer a question she could tackle.
Mrs Francess told us she loved our team work and advised us to continue that way since that’s the only way we could realise our aim. Miss Francess got us to meet with the entire team which prepared us for the competition.

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The six of us had a talk with Mrs Kella, our proprietress. She informed us she had been told by the team that we were very capable of doing this. Her words of encouragement also uplifted our spirits.
After the meeting with Mrs Kella , Mrs Lydia asked us to have the remaining days to ourselves and at least have some rest and also revise what we had studied so far before the D-day came.
Miss Lydia was very strict about it since she said it would help us to relax and not feel too nervous when we got there.
And as soon as Miss Lydia spoke, Mr Arnold added , ” You ladies have to release tension, ( he said trying to blow air out of his mouth and raising his hand up and down), look good and not get intimidated because you met a group of boys ” , he concluded.
Hearing what Mr Arnold had added, we all began to laugh. He threatened to cane us if we didn’t stop laughing at him. He also mentioned the prizes we would be awarded if we won or did very well.We were more than ready ; Julian , our colleague, shouted when Mr Arnold informed us.We were so happy .
Nicole of all people couldn’t stop mimicking what Mr Arnold had said about being intimidated by some group of boys. She kept walking like a drunkard on our way to the dormitory to make the real meaning of intimidation look like some scary word.She just kept making the six of us laugh so much.
I called home when we got to our dorms. I was able to speak to dad and I clearly remember his last words. ” Make daddy proud my love ” . That night , I slept like my entire life depended on the competition.

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