Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 10

If someone had told us that Kate’s Hall was this huge, we would have doubted. We looked like a group of ants . The number of people that had gathered at the premises that day was uncountable. Saying the hall was a big one would be an understatement.
Miss Lydia led us to an office .She told us the participants were to meet there. We entered and lo and behold , we met the two boy’s schools and another girl school we had been told about.
Miss Lydia walked to meet a lady and shook hands with her. The lady’s smile was beautiful. There were other men and women I believed were also teachers who had brought their schools to the competition.
A lady of Leah’s age ushered us to seats.She introduced herself as Josselyn Anabette but told us we could call her Jozy. She showed us around and wrote our names down. She also gave us tags which had our names and schools printed on it.Then she left us.
After a few minutes of sitting there, Miss Lydia arrived with Jozy, but this time around she gave us T- shirts which had the names of our schools printed on them. We had Melbourne senior high written on ours.It was pink and very beautiful. The other girl school also had the same colour; pink. The boys had theirs which was blue in colour. Everyone looked excited but you could also see how nervous we were too.
Jozy asked us to calm our nerves down and feel much more relaxed which we did.
Jozy:” I want you all to look good up the stage.Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything .If you want to visit the gents or ladies, there it is. “( pointing her finger towards the place).She gave us bottles of water and told us she would come back after a short while for our bags before we went on stage.
We told Miss Lydia we wanted to go to the washroom.
Miss Lydia: ” You can go visit the washroom right away, you would be going onto the stage soon” , she told all of us.
Before Nicole and I stood up to hurry to the washroom, a girl of our age came to call Miss Lydia to an office.Miss Lydia asked us to go and get back as soon as possible ; we hurried.
We had joined a crowd of people and trying hard to make our way through to the washroom.It was time bound and we needed to rush back once we were done.

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Rachel : ” Oooch, this hurts , I shouted. “( stamping my foot on the floor).
Nicole : ” Rachel , your foot is bleeding . Its really bad, we need to get back to Miss Lydia ; she’ll dress it for you. Oh this isn’t happening, not at this time.It looks like someone had stepped on your foot ” , Rachel cried out.
Just as we were trying to get out of the crowd to get a place to sit,I was pushed to the ground.
A voice : “Hey are you blind , can’t you see” ?We heard a voice say.
Nicole: ” And who do you think you are to push my friend. Nic tried helping me get up.
Me : Nic, just leave him alone.
The owner of the voice was a guy , of our age ,who had also been in the crowd creating trouble.
Unknown guy: See who’s acting all good. She should leave me alone you say, he said pushing me back to the ground.
All of a sudden I couldn’t find Nicole.I began to get scared. Everything looked dark. I think i passed out; still lying on the ground in the midst of the crowd of people.
After a few minutes, I felt someone carry me on the shoulder.I was taken into a room .I could see now, but it was not very clear.
Nicole was standing right beside my bed.My wound was dressed and bandaged.I began to feel more nervous.
Nicole and I chatted for a while and I asked her who had carried me to the room.At first, she didn’t want to tell me who it was but with some persuasion, she told me.
Me : Nic , you need to really tell me who saved me from that guy.I need to at least thank that person Nic.
Nicole :Oh Rachel, he’s very handsome and kind too.Only a kind person would do that.
Me : That means its a guy.
Nicole : Yes Rachel, its a guy, a very hand some guy for that matter.You could have just seen how he beat that guy up.He actually gave you some first aid before bringing you here to be taken care of by the nurse.
I became more nervous and rather anxious about who this guy was.
Just after we talked for a short while ,Miss Lydia entered with a young guy.The same young guy i had seen with a man at her office .They walked to my bed.
Nicole was just smiling which got me more curious.
Miss Lydia : ” Rachel, how are you doing now.
Me : “Am very nervous Miss Lydia. I don’t think I can do this.
Right there and then, the young guy spoke.
Young guy: ” Hey lady, you can do this. If you were able to face that guy, nothing shows you can’t get on that stage and win this.I think you can. Who else agrees with me,he added raising a finger up.
“Me ,me” Nicole raised her finger too.
” I also agree Rachel, you can do this,Miss Lydia also added raising a finger.
Young guy: ” So there you are beautiful lady, you can do this. Am Jeffrey Benson and you are? Extending his right hand to me.
” Ermm, I am Rachel Andrew, I managed to say ” .We shook hands.
Jeffrey: ” Nice meeting you Rachel and I hope we could be best of friends,he added. So are you ready?Jeff asked .
Miss Lydia: “Yes are you ; Rachel Andrew, miss Lydia added” .
Me : ” Yes I am “. I shouted with so much confidence .Jeffrey gave us a high five and so did Miss Lydia.
Nicole and Jeff helped me up as we made way to join the others….

End of season 1, season 2 starts next weekend

By Belinda Ahiakpor

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