Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 8

We had been in the library for almost three hours. Some were dozing off and had to get up and leave. Others just sat there relaxed still reading. I was still concentrated on my book.I had read some parts very carefully now and the understanding was much better.
Mrs Gansah had informed us early on that the library would be closed early that day, which I thought was rather unfair to us. Nicole motioned we left since we had our things on the drying line , we had to go for them. And also we had to iron for Sunday church service the following day so we had to go that very moment.
We quickly cleared the books on the table into our bags, signed off and headed for our dormitory.
On our way , Nicole confessed how tired she was and begged if I could take her clothes off the drying line for her so she could take a nap once we got to the dorm.I told her i will and she could have her nap when we got there.
The girls were lingering about the corridors of the dormitory like they had no studying to do ;absolutely nothing to do.
We saw a number of them stand in front of our dormitory. They paved way for us to enter when we got to the entrance.
We got to our corner and there Kendra and Lisa were, sleeping. Nicole couldn’t hold it. She laughed and laughed until I joined her. She was so right when she said those two were up to something. When we were thinking they were still in the IT lab, here they were sleeping and snoring like they worked an entire week without rest.” I wish I could hit this one on her buttocks ” , I said ; raising my bag in an attempt to hit Kendra but stopped on second thoughts.
I left them to take our things off the line whilst Nicole laid to take her nap .
That evening, I did the entire ironing of our clothes, after which I settled to take a good nap myself.
Monday came rather fast than most of us thought.It looked like an exams week with the entire school being quiet. We were back in class and were almost settled for the super quiz .
We got to class as early as six thirty in the morning and were seated , ready for Miss Lydia. After few minutes of waiting, she entered with Mr Arnold.
We stood up to greet them. Although i was tensed, and am sure my colleagues were too , I felt a lot better seeing the smile on her face. The atmosphere was much calmer now.
She called the six of us up.Four other girls were made to join us.They had been asked to join since they confronted Miss Lydia they could also compete. Something we had no knowledge about. We sat on seats arranged in front of the class.
Lina , our chaplain, was asked to say a prayer to begin everything. After Lina’s prayer, Miss Lydia read out some rules for the quiz and then we began. Miss Lydia began with the questions whilst Mr Arnold wrote on the score board.

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The quiz had started rather fast since most of the other girls were so eager to answer the questions.But then,they rushed in answering the questions given them without thinking carefully about them enabling all their questions to be directed to us as bonuses.This gave us high scores each.They kept kicking out participant after participant until we were left with five of us with the exception of Lisa. Meaning the four other girls who joined were kicked out including Lisa.
It didn’t come as a surprise to me since I knew I had studied real hard. I became nervous knowing I was still in the competition.
Sincerely, I began to doubt if I could continue since I knew very well how good Nicole and Kendra were. I was sure the two would make it through to represent our school in the actual competition.
Mrs Lydia after a short while made us take a short break and within few minutes, gathered some papers and asked for a final round which would kick three of us out leaving the best two to the finals.This time around , the scores were no longer written on the score board so no one knew who was in the lead.
We took turns to answer the questions and there was this final question which carried 10 points and that was to guarantee the best out of the five of us and also climax the quiz.
When Miss Lydia asked the question, I opened my mouth in shock. The two other girls were asked but couldn’t answer. It was then thrown to Kendra, Nicole and I.Kendra looked at me and smiled after she was asked the question. I believed her smile meant she knew the answer. Then Kendra shook her head that she had no ideas. I was alarmed as I knew so well that I knew the answer but wasn’t so sure about it and if I couldn’t answer, Nicole will.
Nicole was asked next and although she gave an answer, it wasn’t right.
There and then, I knew this was my chance. It was a phrase from Chinua Achebe’s things fall apart. The same book I had read a few days in the library ; the same one Nicole refused to read. And I was suppose to complete the phrase.
I could hear my heart beating hard in my chest. I mustard a little courage and completed it.After I said what I believed was the answer, I covered my face with both my hands. Hoping I at least got some points.
” And we have a winner, Miss Lydia shouted. Rachel Andrew takes the lead with Nicole Roland coming second and , Kendra Stevens.
” Nevertheless, we have our two finalists who would represent the science class, joining the other four participants to represent our school for the actual competition at Kate’s Hall in exactly two weeks from now “.
” Very we done ladies; you did very well, we look forward to seeing you do your best at Kate’s Hall” , she added.
Nicole jumped and gave me a tight hug, she was so happy. Lisa and Kendra joined us. The whole class hailed our names.
Happiness was written all over my face . I had the shock of my life. We were going to represent this big school in front of a large crowd of people.
That was also another very important day we all were looking forward to……

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