Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 7

” Monday super quiz” , which most of us looked forward to ; was the nickname we gave to the quiz expected to take place on Monday.
Frankly, my expectations weren’t so high .I knew I was good but not the best. If anyone deserved to represent the science class, it was Nicole. She had great plans to further her education, the least chance she got. Her mother ,Mrs Marilyn ,was a nurse and a very nice person , she did her very best to get Nicole to Senior High school. She told us ,on our visit to their house one day, that she had high hopes for Nic and prayed she made good grades.
I began to realise how important this was to Nicole. I decided to edge and support her on Monday and just have fun with the competition.
Since the preparation for the quiz, all four of us had been frequent visitors of the library. Kendra and Lisa preferred the IT lab while Nicole and I enjoyed studying in the library. This got Nic and I becoming very attached to each other. We studied anything from drama,prose,poetry as well as our text books.
Preps also got very exciting and we made sure we never missed morning class with our Social studies tutor, Mr McLean ,since it had more information about history.We were science students but then , we had to prepare for the other subjects too since any question could be thrown at any of us irrespective of the course we offered. Much attention was needed when it came to history in any quiz competition , we remember Mr McLean chip in ; so Nic and I gave our best shots when it came to that.
I called home to inform mum and Leah who were very happy to hear the news .As usual, they encouraged me to study harder not only for the quiz but prepare for the final exams too.Leah also gave me some areas we could look at, as well as the names of some interesting books by prolific writers that might be of great help to me . I was very glad and it boosted my confidence in a way to at least try my best during the quiz ; my mind began to change. It looked like I wanted this badly.
That late Saturday morning , after I spoke to mum and Leah , the girls and i did some washing.We decided all four of us would visit the library for the last time before the quiz since our librarian, Mrs Gansah doesn’t allow students in the library on Sundays. Everyone agreed and so, mediately after lunch , we set off for the library.
Most students didn’t normally come to the library on Saturdays. They preferred to wash and sleep. Sundays were for church and not for sleeping so most students did their washing, sleeping and other stuffs on Saturdays. Unlike any other Saturday, today, the library was half full which was so not normal. It meant the students were either also participants or something else was happening . I began to feel shy when I entered. But one got to do what one got to do,I mustard some courage and walked to Mrs Gansah’s table making Nicole and the others follow .We all put down information needed in an old book Mrs Gansah brought out. That book was never full , Lisa muttered. We giggled as we walked to take our seats .Each one with her books in her hands.

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I had never enjoyed my stay in the library like I did that Saturday .We asked one another questions after questions. Memorising phrases and clauses.It was a lot of fun.
After a short while, Kendra told us she wanted to leave for the IT lab to do some researches . Lisa asked to join her since there wasn’t much left to study at the Library .Nicole shook her head and looked at me to tell me those two were up to it again. I eyed her and asked her not to say a word .
We had barely agreed when we saw them already standing at Mrs Gansah’s table signing off. Nicole opened her mouth in wonder. I began to laugh and placed my hand on my lips to tell her to close it. It was a sight.
” Where at all did we get these two from ” , Nicole murdered.
” Oh Nic, why should you ask, they are heaven sent” , I added. We both laughed quietly to prevent making noise.
Exactly an hour after Kendra and Lisa Left for the IT lab, I went to the shelf for some literature books. I took ” things fall apart ” a book by a very renowned Nigerian writer named Chinua Achebe.
I had read that book many times and over but often forgot the names of some characters in it.I decided to revise the names and also memorise some phrases. I asked Nic if she wanted one, but she said she preferred to read the newspapers.I returned the other one meant for Nic and settled on mine ; which I devoured in no time.
I was enjoying this, i thought i was in to support and have fun and also, probably get kicked out as soon as possible ; but truth be told , it looked like I wanted this more than any of the others did and I was already working for it. Now more than ever, I looked forward to ” Monday super quiz” ….

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