Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 6

(In our dorm, early Wednesday morning )
I woke up very early, had taken my bath and was getting ready for class. I sang as I dressed for class .
” Waking up and having that feeling that you would enjoy the day is the best feeling ever ,la, la, lo,lo,lo..” I sang using my hair brush as a microphone when I saw Kendra busily yawning and Nicole tossing in her bed seriously.
Kendra : ” Ooh Chel, you are making too much noise , we are sleeping please”.
Rachel : ” Oooh Kenn, am sorry, its just that its so early that, I thought I could sing.So sorry then”. I turned to make a face at Nicole who was coming from the bathhouse.(I signalled her to wake those two up).Then Nicole spoke after my signal.
Nicole :” Chel, what time is Miss Lydia coming to class today? Look at the time, its half past five. I heard she’s a very punctual person”. Nicole said this looking straight in the direction of Lisa and Kendra.
Rachel : ” Nic, you better hurry so we leave, I’m almost done. Your uniform is in my hanger in your wardrobe .Hurry and let’s get there before she does else she’ll do to us what she did to the Arts class last week”.
Immediately I added those words, Kendra got up,like she had had a bad dream and hit Lisa very hard on her buttocks to wake up.
(Lisa frowned ,still hesitating to get up.)
Lisa :” Kenn, why do you have to hit me like that ? It’s not yet even six and you are beating me to get up”.
Kendra : ” No o, sit there Lis , please go back to bed. See Nic and Chel, they are almost dressed for class. Remember we now have a form mistress. Am sure she’ll skin us alive.” Kendra added ,rushing with her towel and sponge heading to the bathhouse.
Lisa : “Then we are dead ” .Lisa added, taking hers too and followed Kendra screaming she waited for her.
” Your uniforms are in Nic’s wardrobe” .I shouted after them laughing.
” Hahaha, Nicole laughed . I joined her too after we saw that those two were out of sight. We picked our bags and headed for class but passed by the cafeteria.
(Standing at the notice board was Mr Kennedy and Halimat).
” What are you pasting on the notice board Sir”? Halimat, a student from my class asked Mr Kennedy, our elective chemistry tutor. This time around , Nicole and i had had breakfast and were heading towards class.
” Take a look at it young lady.You girls should develop the habit of reading more ” , Mr Kennedy added , when he saw that we had joined Halimat at the notice. He smiled and took leave of us still wondering what he had pasted there.
Halimat got closer and read aloud. It was a quiz competition, a massive one ; that was to take place with other schools in our region in exactly three weeks from then. And our school had been chosen to participate.There were six schools needed to participate in all; three boy’s schools and three other girls schools ,including Melbourne High. Halimat had added finally.She screamed and run off to tell the rest of the class.
I liked the idea, it was great, but I didn’t think I was ready to participate in a competition. I needed to make my grades for my final exams. That mattered to me most at that point and nothing else.
Nicole confessed she wanted to participate and at least do something for her alma mater. I thought it was a very good suggestion. At least, that was the least one could do right?. We thought aloud as we walked to join the class.
Luckily for us ,Miss Lydia Benson hadn’t arrived yet ; glad were we. Halimat had already done a good job telling everyone about the quiz.By this time,the entire class was talking about it.
The class was still in a state of murmur when the ” great two” arrived .Kendra and Lisa were looking sweet and smelling nice.These two had used my perfume ; I could just smell it. How on earth did they find it. We didn’t normally put on perfumes when coming to class. Maybe church was fine but not class; and this concentrated too.
Lisa looked at me and smiled,just then I knew these two had over used the perfume .I shook my head and gave both the ” we will meet in the dorm” look.
Just after Lisa and Kendra had taken their seats, Miss Lydia entered with a gentleman.

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Immediately, the class was tensed and everyone was quiet.
( She kept her bag with some papers on her table ).
(We all got up to greet them)
” Hello , good morning ladies” , she responded smiling. You can have your seats, she added.( we all sat down) .
Miss Lydia : ” I know I’ve not taught this class before and for the very first time,I’ll be doing that. So I’ll be very happy if you all comport yourselves so we can enjoy the teaching and learning experience okay?
I’m an outgoing person and non of you should hesitate to speak with me about anything that you don’t understand. We are here for each other”, she added .
I have here with me Mr Arnold who brought us information from the head office about a quiz competition which I know you all might have heard by now. And two students from the Science class would be needed. Right now we can’t pick at random so Mr Kennedy gave me a list of six girls who am sure he is confident would do very well at the quiz if any of them went through.
Other students from the other departments have also been selected. There would be a need to select from each department just two people ; to add up to a number of six who would go represent the school.
I’ll call out the names Mr Kennedy gave me. Then ,these girls would have to prepare for questions from me so we can select from them two best students.
The entire class was curious as to which names Mr Kennedy had given to Miss Lydia. She walked to Mr Arnold and took sheets from him.We all watched on with curiosity.
(She flipped through the sheets, then she spoke).
Miss Lydia: Once you hear your name,you stand up for me please. I have here ; Noela,Lisa ,Nicole,Kendra , Georgia and last but not least Rachel. I got up as soon as I heard my name, the others did same.
I wondered what my name was doing on that list, but I couldn’t refuse right. I’ll be kicked out anyways, I convinced myself.
( Miss Lydia clears her throat )
” So we have here six intelligent but beautiful ladies who would kick start with an internal quiz amongst themselves. Once we get the best two, we would add them to the other four to represent us “Miss Lydia said. Then she continued ; its only three weeks for preparation so girls, I’ll need you to prepare for our internal quiz on Monday after which we would decide “.
Mr Arnold also added that, after next week Monday, the best two added to the others would go through very serious training during the weeks to prepare them adequately for the competition.So the six of us were given the rest of the remaining days to study and prepare for the internal quiz. I felt a bit nervous.
Everyone was overjoyed not only because of the competition but the prizes the competition came with.
We all looked forward to that Monday for the final selection based on our performance during the internal quiz.

Miss Lydia and Mr Arnold left the class when it was time for the next lesson. She told us we would introduce ourselves properly when next we met. Everyone looked so excited.

Nicole looked at me and smiled, I smiled back but only God knew the thoughts I had running through mind….

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