Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 5

Miss Lydia realised I was focused on the moving car and asked if there was a problem. I shook my head to say there wasn’t any problem. I quickened my steps and joined her; soon we got to the hall. I took my place amongst my friends . Lisa and Kendra were both doing their own thing.
Once Miss Lydia joined us, Mrs Francess spoke. She asked Miss Lydia to help her with dividing us into two sections. We got called one after another and once again we all got caught in the same web. We were in Miss Lydia’s batch which meant we were going to be in the same dormitory. Left to Mrs Francess, we wouldn’t be in one dorm, I could bet on it ; something Miss Lydia didn’t know.
You should have seen us when we got to our dorm. We were in Mary Halley’s dorm. One of the greatest dorms in Melbourne senior high.
Although there had been rumours that most students from that dorm performed poorly , it didn’t bother us at all. We were now seniors , we were together again and were there ; ready to change that; we were very sure about that.
We sang, danced and fooled around . We got our things ready and rearranged the dorms very nicely.All the other girls from the other classes joined us to celebrate. We took our baths after settling , ready to eat lunch after what we believed was a tough day.
To us , the day was a special one. We were very careful to select from our chalk boxes . From sardines to canned juices and biscuits. We had a great meal even if it wasn’t a large one. We put everything together, it looked good!

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Our dorm mates couldn’t help but join us when we got to the refreshment part. Hahaha , oh boy , we really enjoyed ourselves until it got darker. For us, it looked like an off day because frankly speaking, we were all so tired. We didn’t even know when sleep took us .
In third year, I decided to study harder, work better. Make good grades ; make myself, school and family very proud of me.
We made sure to go for class on time and did same with evening preps. Becoming seniors had relieved us of the scrubbing , sweeping and cleaning .I saw it as a plus and with the least chance I had , i read something. This gave us some more time to visit the libraries and research on project works.
We were almost a month into the term and our class didn’t have a form Mistress. We had been managing on our own with Nuella, as our class prefect when we were told one fine Tuesday morning by Mr Drake, our English tutor, that Miss Lydia would not only be our form mistress but would also take us in three other subjects. We were overjoyed.
Miss Lydia joining in as our form mistress wasn’t a bad idea at all . On the contrary, the entire class welcomed the idea.
Everyone was more than ready to work with her. The four of us just knew , not only was the dorm in for some exciting experiences but the class was too; with Miss Lydia as our form mistress…

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