Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 2

” Mum ,why didn’t you at least tell me about Catherine’s party when we talked over the phone when I was in school , I would have invited Nicole and the rest to join us “. I finally found myself complaining to mum after I was fully concentrated on what I had been asked to do.

” Hey Grace stop that or else I’ll beat you ” . I heard mum telling little Grace who was busy pouring mum’s flour on the floor like she didn’t know how expensive it was.

” Oh mum , am talking to you ,please answer me “. I added. Mum looked at me interestingly and began to laugh ; then she spoke.
Mum : ” You had wanted to invite some of your friends you say , Rachel ?. Do you know how many of your friends are preparing badly for their exams. I simply didn’t mention it to you because you are supposed to concentrate on studies not a party .” she added with her full attention on mixing her flour. Anytime my mum spoke like this , it reminded me of grandma. That woman can starve you just to get you busy with your books but i was glad mum was much better. I think that was enough for me to shut up. By this time , I was done with chopping everything.
I decided to play safe with mum when I realised she was beginning to speak like grandma. ” Ermm mum, I think you are right, I’ll just go and study “. I said turning to leave the kitchen .I saw Leah and Loise making their way into the dinning. Then mum called me ,

“Young lady ,come back here , take this (she handed a bowl of salad to me ) and join your sisters in the dinning ; they are setting the table for the guests. You want me to do everything , after I am done , you’ll come and eat right?” She said looking at me with her usual look that said “you’re are crazy

” I giggled walking quickly out of the kitchen before any further spanking from mum.
You could just see Catherine’s dress. She was everywhere at the party. She met guests after guests . Chit chatting here and there with big brother Collins having his guys come over , drinking and having good times. I saw Estella , brother Collins’s wife with her two kids. Estella was Catherine’s best friend and course mate back in the University. She was this quiet person and we all loved her composure. We were glad brother Collins married her. Mum always praised her for her beautiful smile.

We saw her walk over to us. She agreed to help us serve the guests. Something we found surprising, but then, we welcomed it because we needed more hands to serve those many guests trooping in and out of our home.

Looking at them sent me back to the ” you are always welcome ,this is your home too ” scene dad had created early on. I was really getting hungry after some time of serving.

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I couldn’t even study the entire day since we did the serving of the guests. Mum later came dressed gorgeously like she had never used the kitchen. How on earth would my mother not employ cooks or servants who could have been doing what we were doing now, I thought. We took turns to scrub, we did our own washing except that we were glad dad got us a washing machine , even that, we didn’t use always. My parents weren’t stingy at all but why, I finally said out loud, thinking I had murmured it to myself. Leah looked at me and asked why I said that. I smiled and told her it was nothing.
” Chel dear, as she usually called me.I know exactly what you are thinking. Then she continued; know that as long us we are alive and kicking , mum and dad would never have someone do anything for us apart from “us” and of course if it was a matter of urgency , then I think that would be considered.” Leah added. We both laughed .
We talked and served for a while and later had lunch .
After the party had finally come to an end , Leah , Loise and I did the entire packing of the bowls. We washed and cleaned every single thing from plates to drinking glasses. We had Grace doing her own thing too, all in the name of helping us. Though it was tedious , we were done in no time. I told mum I wasn’t going to wake up early the following day because I was really tired. She asked me to try and do same when I got back to school .
This gave me a great edge to do well to quickly be done with school so I could at least have some time and space to myself.
A few days at home and I would be back in school; I couldn’t wait .

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