Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 3

Mum: “Ali , ( Ali runs out to meet mum ) please open the gate for your master, he’s taking Rachel to school.” Mum told the gateman.
Ali: “Yes madam”. Ali responded and rushed to open the gate.
He later came back to put my luggage and provisions into the car.
Dad gave me a word of advice and told me to work harder at my books since this was my final exams. I kept smiling and nodding my head as dad spoke. Earlier that Saturday morning , mum had already sat me down and did some talking to me. She advised me and reminded me of how important it was to study and become a successful person and woman for that matter. She also stressed on the saying that ” the last days are dangerous ” , so I needed to be careful. I understood them since all they wanted for me was to make it in life.
Leah and Grace were the only ones at home since Catherine and Collins had left right after the party that day. Loise was in school so I only had Leah and Grace to see me off . I gave both a hug , gave mum a tighter hug and hopped into the car. Dad and I sat in the car and were ready for the drive to Melbourne senior high school.
One thing I never liked in school was the usual waking up as early as five in the morning even when you were still feeling sleepy. After which there was the morning exercise to keep fit and all. I did enjoy that part better although it came with the cold weather most of the time.
I was in an all girls school and a highly disciplined one for that matter. Melbourne senior high school was a very respected and prestigious school. The compounds were very tidy with great dormitories , halls , tennis courts, libraries; you could just name them. Located on the hills of the city far away from home; miles away .

Almost every girl had that will power to study and not be looked down upon .The teachers taught really well and never compromised on discipline, knowledge and respect.

Mrs Kella was our proprietress and the one and only Mrs Francess was our dorm mistress . She headed all the dormitories as well as some departments in the school . A nice but very strict person who didn’t tolerate nonsense.

Leah ; my sister ,was once a student of Melbourne High and she left quiet a number of teachers talking about the great grades she had made for herself and the school as a whole . This meant I had to do much better , if not just like she did and nothing less.

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I used to call home from time to time to find out how everyone was doing using the school’s telephone booth . We weren’t allowed to use mobile phones in school. Talking about mobile phones , my parents never even thought of getting me one although my elderly siblings had one. Leah didn’t have a mobile phone until she got to second year in the university. She wasn’t bothered at all by that since she was always concentrated on studies . I think that was exactly what I was expected of too .
Whenever I called home , little Grace was sure to answer and give me a whole list of events taking place at home ; and how they enjoyed and had fun while I was in school. Mum and Leah were always advising me to work harder and make them proud. I hardly spoke to Carthy or Collins but sometimes spoke to Loise.
I rather saw it amusing to make grades better than Leah or just like she did because seriously, I wasn’t as brilliant as she was. My wish was to be done with school and at least try the ‘ little best ‘ I could. I was a science student and my class was a very competitive one. I had three friends ; Nicole , Kendra and Lisa . I added up to make four girls. And we could be really troublesome especially Lisa , but worked hard together at our studies with each one having her reasons for studying hard.
These were the same friends I had wanted to invite to the party mum hadn’t agreed to. They were ‘ real sharks ‘ ; real sharks I meant very brilliant girls . Lisa was good , Kendra was better but Nicole was the best. I don’t know where to place myself but one thing i was certain of was that , I was some sort of ‘okay’ in my own way but way better than Lisa.
Although Nicole came from a middle income family, she never joked with studies, was always ready to help others. She was more like Leah ; very kind hearted.
Kendra and I were more alike since she also came from a rich home except for the fact that she was like a spoilt brat ; something I wasn’t. She studied to impress her parents so they’d give her anything she asked them for.
Lisa oh Lisa ; she didn’t come from a very rich home but then , very extravagant. Lisa could spend everything she had in her purse just to get whatever she wanted . Lisa was good but as I said early, I was much better.
Mum confessed to me that she really liked Nicole but then I never saw her reason for saying that. Nicole and I weren’t as close as I was with Kendra or Lisa.
Truth be told , I was happy I had arrived in school; if not for anything at all , I was back with these crazy girls I called friends..

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