Pearls Of Different Colours Episode 1

“Please come in, you’re very welcome . I hope you feel at home because this is your house and you can come here anytime” . I heard my dad saying as I left my room to join my mum and sisters in the kitchen. I peeped through the kitchen window to take a good look at the people seated with dad in the living room. My mum was busy ,she never joked with her cooking ;always chopping this here and there.
“Rachel, Rachel” , a voice called me as I heard a tap on my left shoulder. “Mummy says you should chop the spring onions and carrots.” Grace ,the owner of the voice added. I had been peeping over ten minutes and only God knew what exactly those eyes of mine were trying to look for in the midst of people in the living room. “Alright dear , am going to do just that”. I said to my little sister Grace; finally giving up on my peeping. Today was a beautiful Saturday ; the sun was almost ready to come out and the birds were chirping loudly and a party organised by my mum and dad for my biggest sister Catherine , who had just completed her Masters was going to kick off in a few hours . With my dad calling family members one after another to be invited to the party. Just he welcoming people i noticed a while ago, was a sure way to tell that , there would be quiet a number of people coming to the party.
I came from a nuclear family of eight with most of my other family members living in different towns and cities. Some of which i have never set eyes on. Others I get to meet either at a family gathering or when we make a trip to our hometown. My lovely dad ; Mr Daniel Andrew was a very influential custom officer and my sweet mum ; Mrs Lucy Andrew worked with a firm as the marketing director. I had four elderly siblings; Collins the only brother and son of the family who was a banker and was married with two children , Catherine ;who just completed her masters with mum and dad throwing a party in her name for a good job done.

Leah ;my favourite big sis. We clicked like glue and paper. Always ready to advice me ,she was very brilliant ,kind hearted and the only one i normally had quality time with whenever i was at home. Leah was done with her national service and was soon going to start working. Loise ;who was in her third year in the university came after Leah ,Loise and little Grace looked very much alike and were really close as well but then Loise was more of the reserved person unlike Grace; the talker.

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I came after Loise , and was in my final year in the senior high school . And finally my younger sister Grace whom you’ve already met came after me and was the last born of my parents. She was in primary school and she was a talker and a very inquisitive person. Although my family was rich , my dad and mum brought us up really well , i must confess. There was nothing like being a spoilt brat. My dad was a strict disciplinarian likewise mum. They believed in working hard being respectful,courtesy and being humble.

Collins and Catherine were very close .They did virtually everything together whenever they came home after a long time. Leah was of the notion that , the party mum and dad organised was all Collins’s idea . I couldn’t have agreed more looking at how Collins was busy organising the party and everything. It didn’t seem surprising at all. But hey , we were one family and that really mattered to us most. We were there for one another always.

I had just arrived home for the very last vacation before writing my final exams which would help me enter the university. I always loved home and was prepared to be taught by Liah ; do some real studying at least before i went back to school ; but here I was in the kitchen peeping through the window with mum telling the ‘talker’ to come tell me to do some chopping. I knew not only was I in for real teaching and studying but for real work too….

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