Passion and Power – Wednesday (30-11-16)



In today’s episode,
Franco quickly goes to tell Eladio that his connection with the Montenegro group has just informed him about Julia’s visit to Arturo in his office and Eladio looks so nervous and asks Franco if he is sure about that and he says he is sure and so if he wants they can go pick her up now but Eladio tells Franco that he wouldn’t do that as Julia has asked him not to meddle in her life. Franco thinks there is more to it if Julia is the one visiting him but Eladio thinks Franco has an intention of coming to tell him that but he only says he is just worried that Julia is enjoying herself with Arturo while he (Eladio) is suffering but Eladio thinks that is none of his (Franco) business. But on the other hand, he appreciates Franco for telling him and asks him to be informing him always about Julia’s movements so he will know what to do.
Consuelo looks very anxious due to the situation at hand about Erick trying to take her child from her with that so called suit, and so she calls the nurse to know if with her anxiety she can feed her child but they say no since that can have psychological effect on the child.
Nina goes to thank Eladio for not firing Daniela and now with that she knows he is a good person because she also learnt that he left his house for Julia after their separation and Eladio says that is because he gave it to her as a wedding gift. Nina then thinks that is the kind of attitude she wants Arturo to have but he rather wants to throw her and her children from the house. Nina then suggests to him that she wants him to help her protect her interests but Eladio asks her if she is aware that by so doing she will have a big argument with her husband and she thinks that is what she wants. Eladio then says if that is so, then she is welcome anytime to his office to learn how to manage business to help her future but he wants her to keep it a  secret if not the information will be leaked out very soon and one example is Arturo putting shares in Augustin and Miguel’s name and Nina becomes surprised.
Consuelo goes to see Arturo to help her to protect her son because Erick wants to take him away from her and won’t let her see him but Arturo thinks if this will get fixed, he wants the two (Consuelo and Miguel) to stay away from each other and they agree.
Justino brings back the prices of the construction materials and as it is, he tells David that, the prices were even lower than what he showed him and David thinks he did a great job and therefore he wants him to work for him directly as he needs an honest and trustworthy man like him and he will make sure to give good salary and a high position and Justino accepts in great happiness.
David goes to give Regina’s bracelet to her and wishes to talk to her so they give themselves a chance again but she says no as his mum passed by the office with the excuse of coming there to speak with her but she immediately left with her father to his office immediately she saw him and this makes David crazy as he finds it difficult to understand his mum when she was the one who wants them to be together.
Ephraim asks Julia about their Salary and she goes to get it for him and asks him not to tell Eladio about her movement as now he is working for her. Julia then tells her dad that, now that everything is on her, they have to cut down their expenses so she can be able to pay the workers and her father agrees.
David tells Eladio about Justino and how he wants him to work with him and Eladio accepts his decision.
Arturo confronts Erick as to why he wants to take his child away from Consuelo and he says that is what he wants to do but Arturo thinks he is insane but he says he suggested it to his lawyer Hector and he showed him the way and how to go about it and now all he needs from him is a father’s support but Arturo thinks he will never do that and suddenly, Nina arrives to disclose that Arturo gave his shares to Miguel and Augustin and Arturo thinks he did it because of her greediness and Nina says if that is it then she will only leave the house if she wants to. She then asks Erick not to worry because she will help him to get his son from Consuelo without Arturo’s support. 
Julia’s friend comes to see her in her house to talk about work and in the act, she tells her about having to pay all the workers which she is asking how she is even going to do that since she earns not enough from the estate sales. Her friend then asks her to talk to Eladio to assist her as she can’t afford to pay everything but she sounds so confused. Eladio quickly arrives to pay the workers but Julia says NO and in great anger, he questions why she refuses to let him help and if it’s because Arturo is willing to do so since she went to his office and Julia never denied the fact but on the other hand she says Eladio has no right to meddle in her life again and for that reason she suggests that they divorce right away.
Arturo thinks employing Jorge in the company will help Regina to forget about David since he knows that he has been interested in Regina since their childhood. Angelis heard this too perfectly well and it seems she definitely told Franco about it since he goes quickly to tell David that Arturo is backing Jorge to win Regina but David thinks Franco is lying because all he sees he wants to do is to play the role as a concern brother and that he wouldn’t fall for it.
Nina thinks Eladio is really charming so her friend Funny thinks if so she should try winning Eladio to beat Julia since that will be of great benefit to her as she will get half of Arturo’s inheritance and that of Eladio’s as that will be the perfect way of shaming Arturo after getting the power, passion and revenge.
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