Love And Revenge Prologue


‘pl….plea…se don’t kill….kill me, i wont talk, i promise’ Ade pleaded with shaky hands as he knelt before his senior colleagues.
‘we cant trust you’ said the one that was mostly concerned in the case.
‘pleas….e’ Ajayi pleaded with tears streaming down his face ‘i have a wife and kids to take care of, pl…ease i wont say a word of what i saw, i swear to God!’
A loud laughter escaped from the short pot bellied one ‘God? You swear to God? Where was God when you walked into the office and caught us in the act? You are dying today Ade, there’s no mercy’
‘it was your bad luck,’ the fair tall one said ‘after killing you, i’ll burn down your house and your wife and kids wont survive this. Bee, shoot him’
A heavily built guy with them by name Bee raised up his gun.
Ade shook and looked at Tommy, the one who had been silent since they stepped into the house, tall and dark in complexion, the most handsome among them. ‘Tom, we’ve been friends from childhood, i’m ready to resign if what i saw was a problem’
Tommy laughed but said nothing. Before Ade could say one more word, Bee shot him twice.
He fell to the floor lifeless.
The culprits ran out of the house immediately after ordering him to set the house ablaze before his family came out from inside his room.
The house was immediately set on fire and Ade’s family were burnt alive but just one survived, his eldest son of 8 years by name Lex and he saw everything that happened.
Story By FuckFakeFriends