Road to Destiny- Wednesday (30/11/16)



In today’s episode,
Fernanda goes out with her friends to make some shopping and indeed they look so happy together. And after they sit somewhere with their male friend Felipe to enjoy the moment and Diego spotting Lucero from afar looking so happy says to himself that, he will make sure to get back Lucero to make her pay for all the betrayal she’s caused him.
Aldoniaz asks Carlos if he will be managing the bank right after marriage but he thinks the right person to do will be him (Aldoniaz) because upon everything he can say there will be no better director than him because he knows he loves his mum and he can also see his mum is in love also with him.
After Isabella presented the girls of her modeling class to Tao, he thinks none of them attracts him and so he would like to go there himself to know the one he can choose because he can feel coming there will draw him to the right person and Isabella accepts. She goes to the academy to give the news to her students but Margarida arrives with Mangoes to distract the class and Isabella becomes so furious and says she isn’t going to be part of the new casting and Margarida asks why she wants her out and she answers it’s because she looks so ugly and ordinary just like a monkey.
It’s Amelia’s wedding day and Fernanda, Blanca and Lupe assist her to get dressed and in the same vein, Mariana upon seeing how happy she looks, says to herself that, Amelia should wait and see the surprise she has for her this day. In the same vein, Pedro looks so splendid waiting for the arrival of his wife to be and his love ones congratulate him for the great blessings God has given him and Pedro also prays that Marissa finds a man of her heart and a man who will love her forever.
The bride arrives and Blanca walks her down to the altar and she remembers all the moments she shared with Pedro both in good and in bad times and how far destiny has brought them. During the officiating, Mariana arrives with her so called surprise that is a white wedding gown to stir at them and Henan pulls her as fast as possible to rebuke her for such an act to just distract the ceremony but Mariana doesn’t care. Pakito presents the Ring and they exchange them promising each other till death do us part and now they are declared as husband and wife and they both look happy and their loved ones cheer them up.
Tao goes to Isabella’s academy to choose the kind of model he wants for his agency to be a representative at the miss universe and after the ladies cat walked, he thinks none of them suits his taste and at the moment, Margarida the habitual late comer, arrives right after the audition with her tape asking them to pardon her for being late and Isabella becomes so angry. But Margarida pleads with Tao to allow her exhibit what she has may be she may turn out to be the best but Isabella wants her out and Tao asks who she is and Isa says she is one of the cleaning ladies but Margarida interrupts her to stop being mean towards her because she also pays tuition as the others and not a cleaner as she said. Tao still wants her to do something because she was the one who caught his attention and thinks she could be the best for the agency and if Isa refuses their business deal ends right that moment.
At the refreshment all of Pedro and Amelia’s love ones enjoy all they can to make the ceremony a memorable one.
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