Passion and Power – Tuesday (24-01-2017)



In today’s episode,
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It’s time for Julia to go Mexico and Arturo asks her to give him another chance but she still says she is still in a confuse state of mind to decide and so she bids him farewell and takes her father with him.
Gabby and Caridad go through the document Franco brought and Gabby tell Caridad that for Franco to sell the factory behind her back, she isn’t sure she will trust him again because anything he will try bringing up will again be a lie but Caridad thinks she should calm down and not judge Franco.
Julia arrives home and David confronts her as to why she has to go to Las Vegas with Arturo if she actually doesn’t have feelings for him. Julia tries to explain things but David still gives continues insults on his mum and Julia slaps him for that for pushing his limits too far. Julia then explained things but still David refuses to believe her.
Gabby goes to see Augustin to help her and she gives him the documents and Augustin goes through them and he promises to help her with everything concerning what she wants to know.
Nina goes to see Arturo to ask him if his trip went happy with Julia and Arturo tells her if she came there to cause trouble he is not in the mood because they are still divorced and therefore can do whatever he pleases. Nina then tells her that now she can tell Eladio is even a much better lover than he (Arturo) is and Arturo says he doesn’t care.
David and Regina meets at Monterey to continue with another project at the fiesta Americana and David thinks he still see some chemistry between them which he can says they shouldn’t have ignore their feelings to listen to others and with that they could have been great lovers till now and be happier now but Regina says that can’t happen now since everything seems too late.
Franco commands Marcus to do everything possible to get the sum of amount the sold for the factory so they can give it to Gabby since he knows she will be asking for.
Gabby tells Franco that after going through the documents she now knows that her dad’s factory was indeed going bankrupt but he shouldn’t have sold it behind her back and Franco apologizes but she wants to know who and how much he sold it and Franco promise to give that to her.
Julia goes to see Eladio and he asks her if she is there to tell him about the fun she had with Arturo and Julia would like him to tell her first about his meeting and sleeping with that witch Nina and Eladio says he will be glad since she is asking and Julia becomes nervous.
Julia goes to see Eladio and he asks her if she is there to tell him about the fun she had with Arturo and Julia would like him to tell her first about his meeting and sleeping with that witch Nina and Eladio says he will be glad since she is asking and Julia becomes nervous asking Eladio she never believed he will feel so relaxed to say something about Nina to her and Eladio states that. He finds no fault with being with Nina because Julia and he are no more and also he can say Nina is a wonderful woman and Julia feeling so hurt takes her ring from her finger and gave it to Eladio and Left.
Gabby asks Augustin that in case she wants someone to take care of her father’s factory what procedure will she take and he tells her that she will have to sign the power of attorney to person and also a free will power of Attorney but with that the person has to the power to sell or do anything to the factory without having to consult her but his advice is she shouldn’t sign that freewill power of attorney but quickly she remembers that she has already done that for Franco and this makes her nervous.
Gabby goes straight to see Franco to ask him about the amount he sold the factory for and he says he doesn’t know the exact amount but will check and Gabby wants him to that immediately since she wants to put it in her bank account and Franco becomes anxious.
Nina goes to see Eladio to tell him that she told Arturo about their friendship and Eladio asks her if she felt okay saying those words to Arturo and she says of course. Eladio also tells her that he also told Julia the same thing but he can’t tell if the two of them should continue with this friendship since he thinks their children may prejudge them and Nina says she careless about that so Eladio then accepts that they make their friendship open to the public and their children so that it wouldn’t seem that they are hiding anything from anyone and they go straight out for lunch.
Julia looks so disappointed in Eladio for all the words he said about Nina against her but Humberto asks her to forget about Eladio and move one but she thinks that is difficult.
Regina tells Consuelo that she can’t seem to forget about David but her reason for breaking up with him was that she thought by so doing her dad will breakup with Julia but it never happen so therefore she will try and give all her heart to Jorge to see if they can start something but Consuelo thinks that is just going to hurt her because one can’t force the heart on who to love.
Gabby tells Augustin that Franco already sold her factory and he becomes furious and says Franco never take chance because he will always do anything to get money and Gabby asks why and he then tells her that there was a time Franco saw Julia at the hospital and he tried blackmailing Arturo for money in exchange for his silence.
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