Passion and Power – Tuesday (07-02-2017)



In today’s episode,
Jorge then goes after Regina to apologize to her for taking her by surprise when he needed to have told her and Regina says all she needs is time and not to be pressured and Jorge accepts to wait for her all his life as long as she needs.
Ashmo asks Erick to give him some capital to start their business since he is now broke because of the deal his father cancelled and Erick accepts stating that they have to document everything as evidence and also he prefers Ashmo takes charge of the contract so Arturo never suspects anything and Erick again agrees to that.
At the wedding reception, Eladio calls David to advise him that is truly he loves Regina he shouldn’t try marrying Daniela if not it will be like breaking the value of love but David says he has to still be with Daniela course he made that decision. In the same vein, Arturo advises Regina also to fight for her love without thinking of hurting him, her mother or Daniela but Regina says she wouldn’t do anything to hurt Daniela because she has no strength for that but Arturo thinks Daniela facing that will be a form of maturity but she still wants to be with Jorge.
Nina goes to see Julia to tell her that she has accepted defeat on Arturo but Julia should try and convince David to not breakup with Daniela and Julia goes surprised but Nina states that, she promises to not bother Julia again when she does that for her but Julia says it looks difficult.
Daniela tells David that she certainly knows that he actually still love Regina but as she promised, she will also still do anything to fight for his love to make him forget about Regina forever.
Daniela after that, speaks with Regina privately to ask her to stay away from David for good because as it looks David loves her and now more than ever she is willing to fight for their love so she should deprive her of that happiness even though she seems to be still in love with David.
Caridad seizes the opportunity at the wedding reception to plead with Arturo to help her beg Julia to forgive her of all the pain she’s caused her in her marriage and says he will try but can’t guarantee if he will listen to him.
Arturo goes to see Julia and she tells him about Nina’s visit and how she made her to see that their past has actually affected the lives of the children very much and seriously analyzing so many things, she wants to let them put an end to this absurd relationship of theirs and Arturo becomes anxious.
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