Broken Seal ~Episode 19


​Ella: we use to live in a small village, far away from Manila. Our family was the happy type. Though we don’t have all we want, we enjoy what we ever needed. On one fateful day, i guess ten years ago. I came back from school, only to hear the bad news that dad left hours ago and haven’t returned, thats very unusual of him. We waited for hours, days, weeks, and months but dad didn’t come back to us. What happened to him remains a puzzle to mum and I, even to this day. The disappearance of dad marked the begining of another life for us… *tear drops, sniffs* A life full of toiling with little or no reward, a hard life, a life of extreme poverty as all my father’s relatives didn’t care about us anymore. We found ourselves here in Manila..mother tried her best to make sure i go to college. *sniffs* thats my story Isaiah…. Me: (short of words) sorry about all you’ve been through…..please stop crying. I’d always be there for you, thats a promise i intend to keep…i love you so much Ella, no matter what. I said those words whilst patting her shoulder gently. My words seem to have an effect ‘coz she managed to smile. Me: its getting boring in here, do you play PC games? Ella: i sure do….lets play ‘cops and robbers’ Me: ok ma’am, but i’d be the cop. Ella: no way! do i look like a robber to you? Me: hell yeah! You stole my heart! Ella: *laughing* Ella played like a pro, she was always winning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ella: i should be on my way. Me: sleep over please? You’ar on leave right? Ella: yes but….. Me: but? Ella: i’d pass the night here!!! Me: thats my cinderella. Ella: crazy…..why don’t we take a walk? Me: i was thinking of that too. We bought two cans of ice cream and started walking down the street under the graceful street lights, going nowhere in particular. We were enjoying everything…soon it started raining. Me: (offering my jacket) cover you self with this, you might catch cold. Ella: no thanks, am warm. Me: oh! I forgot you grew up in sahara…..seriously, hasten your footsteps. We started jogging ‘coz the rain’s intensity was increasing gradually. Ella stumbled “hey careful” i said, hugging her. Ella: yeah thanks. We remained in the ‘hug position’ for what seemed like ages. She raised her head, i also lower mine a little. Lips closer….closer….closer! (hope ma’am kate won’t interrupt) closer!!…..locked. The kiss was sooo passionate, the drips of water wetting us made it more romantic!!!!! We were on the street but who cares? The kiss disengaged after minutes. We ran home and I showed her the guest room, it was tidy, thanks to Isai. MORNING @6:30AM My bed alarm woke me up. I tiptoed to the guest room, Ella was still asleep, great!! I did a little hygiene and went to a mall opposite my home. I bought a green Indian gown for Ella since rain wet the dress she was clad in yesterday. I didn’t knock ‘coz i was thinking Ella would still be asleep. But i was wrong, Ella sat in the living room, Isai was with her. Isabella was wearing fresh hospital bandages all over her face. WTF!!! What happened? *****TBC*****