Broken Seal ~Episode 20


Me: (confused) Oh my…. What happened to you, Isabella? 
Isabella: long story bro. 
Me: don’t skip any bit of it. 
Isabella: we….i mean my boyfriend and my two other friends. Finished our night reading and were heading to our respective dorms when a three-gang men attacked us. 
Me: yes? What did your boyfriend do about it?
 Isabella: common please, they overpowered us…. 
Ella: what did they take anythinq from you? 
Isabella: I think they weren’t after money or anything! It was only me they centered on. 
Me: what! Why? Do you have an uneven score with anyone?
 Isabella: No! They also left a message, but i can’t recall what they said. 
Me: shìt! Recognise any of them? 
*Samuel barged in* 
Me: you might wanna attend moral classes. 
Samuel: i did that years ago, hey i knocked but got silence for a reply….it looks like someone survived an aero crash. 
Me: its rather called a serious issue! Isai was attacked last night. 
Samuel: what?!! By who and why? 
Isabella: one of them look familiar, he’s a big time night racer downtown. 
Samuel: I think i know that sparky! Is he fair, muscular with dark curly hairs? 
Isabella: exactly!
 Samuel: that should be Adrian! That guy is a green snake, a dangerous one! How on earth did you cross his path? 
Me: there’s only one way to find out. 
Samuel: don’t even have a streak of amicability in your idea ‘coz Adrian is not the friendly type! 
Me: then we hook him up with our bad sides.
 Samuel: thats gonna be fun! Ella: hope you guys aint thinking of something dangerous? 
Me: no honey, just a question and answer session. 
Samuel: hmmmm….why don’t we meet up in my house later, so we can draft everything?
 Me: thats what we gotta do. Ella prepared breakfast for us and left a couple of hours later. Isai would be here with me, probably for a day or two. 
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 Minutes past 5pm, i went to Samuel’s. According to Samuel, Adrian or whatever he calls himself is a dangerous guy, probably getting to ask him questions wouldn’t be as easy as we can ever envisage. To avoid having Adrian win on both ends, we decided to have concealed pistols with us. We did a little far range shooting exercise. Its now 8pm – time to pay Adrian a visit!!!!!! 
Adrian smiled as he cleaned two of his MAG-7 and one KS-23. The MAG-7s are meant for his friends. He had listened to all the conversation Isaiah and co were having earlier. Thanks to the tele-bug he planted in Isaiah’s living room. He knew they would come for him, though he’s in the dark about the day and time. He made up his mind to always go out ready for anything! He got dressed up in a casual wear and hopped into his porsche. He would be having a duel car race tonight!!!