Broken Seal ~Episode 21


​The warm cheers of tens of spectators filled the air. Today’s duel is gonna be a tough one. Adrian is going against a foreigner who is also a champion. Adrian was clad in a black race-wear while the foreigner was on red. The race moderator stepped forward, with white paper in her hand. 
Moderator: ladies and gents, as you all know, we’ar having a grand duel tonight! The racers are Adrian Tracy and Conny Gainsville. 
Crowd: yeeeeah!!! 
Moderator: the winner goes home with 75,000 peso, let the race begin!!!
 The racers each hopped into their racing cars which were parked such that the front tyre’s rested on a white line across the road. The moderator flagged down then blew a whistel. The race began…. 
Samuel and I watched as the whole thing unfold, Adrian is the guy in black, driving a red sport car. Hahahahaha “red” he’s gonna get that danger. We parked our black old model SUV in the road adjoining to where Adrian and co would most definitely pass through to reach their destination. Adrian was leading, giving his opponent a great gap, perfect!!! He is now approaching us. I jumped into the SUV, kick start it, and started moving slowly. 
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When i was on the verge of entering the main road, i rolled outta the car immediately, leaving the car to its fate. Adrian was on high speed, he tried slowing down to no avail. He swayed his car away from the road, a dangerous risk he took ‘coz the car sumersaulted. 
Samuel: fast! Lets get him before they come for him. The cheers died down instantly. He ran to the sumersaulted car and managed to get Adrian out. Thank goodness he is still breathing, but his hair was drenched with blood. We were hearing gunshots from afar, Samuel helped in dragging Adrian’s heavy body into the SUV. “kpash” a stranded bullet found its way into the car. WTF! This guys race with gun? 
Me: sam, is the car not starting or….( the engine started before i could finish my sentence) the rains of bullets intensified, two cars are now after us. I reached for my own gun and started returning the favor. Samuel too was shooting at intervals. One of the cars ran off track when i shot its driver. I was jubilating until the devil told me “don’t glory yet” two of our car tyres bursted. The car was practically crawling. Oh shìt! Not now!!! I’m using two guns in shooting the other car. But the car seem to be bullet proved.
 Samuel: aaaaaaarhh i think i got shot! 
Me: oh no what do we do now?