Broken Seal ~Episode 18


​Samuel: ladies and gents, its time for beach party!!! Everyone: yeeeee!
 Samuel: okay okay enough of screaming out your lungs. There are two tents over there….. This one (pointing) is for the male folks while that one is for the females. Get in there and change into your swim suits lets have fun!!!! One more thing, guys aint permitted to the ladies tent. 
Everyone, including Ella and I rushed to our respective tents. In few minutes, we were all out, the ladies were on red bikinis and the guys on white shorts. Everything was set for the water polo. Let the fun begin!!!! 
Nikky and her family are all seated in the black hyundai sonata. Nikky’s plane only arrived a couple of minutes ago. She, her mum and her little sis all sat in the back while Angelo, their father was in the front passenger seat, their driver is on the wheels. 
Angelo: (breaking the moment of silence) Nikky, why did you decide to depart from the states on a valentine day? Don’t you have a………. 
Nikky: no dad, i don’t. (changing the topic) mum, what about the job you mentioned weeks ago, any vacancy? 
Carolyne: of course dear, you can start work anytime you wish….right honey?
 Angelo: hmmmm(nodding affirmatively). 
Nikky: Eva, how is school?
 Eva(Nikky’s little sis): school is fine. sister Nikky, hope you got something for me?
 Nikky: yes, i got lot of stuffs for you….i also bought your fav toy. 
Eva: really? (smiling)
 Nikky: (nodding) hmmmm-hummn. Silence flooded the car again. 
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 The game ended with Ella’s team winning my team by a factor of two. We all changed to our valentine wears and left happily-a val well spent!!! Ella and I drove to my apartment…… 
Me: wow i still can’t believe we’ar a couple already! 
Ella: its the greatest thing that have ever happened to me, the feeling is awesome!
 Me: same here honey.
 Ella: but don’t you think its too early for this? 
Me: (confused confused) you mean….? 
Ella: i mean…..well you see we don’t know much about each other yet……
 Me: that doesn’t matter, whats more important is that we love each other. 
Ella: I know, still yet there are somethings i’d like to tell you about. 
Me: uhm….. 
Ella: Its about my life, i hardly tell people about this.
 Me: wow it means i’m special, lets hear it please….