Broken Seal ~Episode 17


​We drove to a (ski) jet station, parked the car in the parking lot, then Ella and I walked to the attendants.
 Ella: boat? 
Me: more than that dear.
 Helmsman: hey bro, you’ar back! 
Me: yeah, shall we?
 Helmsman: yup! 
We jumped into the ski jet, the dude drove crazily, ‘tearing’ the blue water in his way. Soon we arrived at the shore leading to an island.
 Helmsman: here we go guys!!! I winked at him, reminding him of our deal, before Ella and I alighted. 
Me: Ella, you’d have to close your eyes……no no i mean i’d be blindfolding you. She closed her eyes, i then removed a dark blindfold from my back pocket and fixed it properly on her eyes. I guided her path, so she wouldn’t trip. We reached the centre of the island. Royal palms were scarcely planted. 
Me: Ella, i’d count one to three, on the third count, you untie your eyes, yeah?
 Ella: yeah, lets have the countdown. 
Me: (loudly) one…..two….
 Everyone: threeeee. The expression on Ella’s face was that of suprise. Why won’t she be suprised? I never told her i invited my friends and colleagues to the island. The people seated some meters away from us would number to 20, each with his partner!!! ‘king & queen’ gold coated rose decorated chairs were reserved for us, courtesy of samuel. 
Ella: (smiling) Isaiah…i….don’t.…. 
Me: (placing my right index finger on her lips) sshhhhh. I dipped my hand in my pocket and brought out a red parcel, i opened it to reveal a shiny daimond engagement ring, then i went down, with my right knee touching the ground and the other slightly above the ground…. 
Me: Ella Lagdemeo, would you become Ella Guidotti? She also went on her knees, hmmmm what is she up to? She then planted a soft kiss on my lips!!!! 
Ella: yes…yes Isaiah, i’d marry you!!! I helped her up and huged her tightly.
 Me: (loud enough for others to hear) Mahal kita Ella! (i love you Ella)
 Ella: Mahal din kita (i love you too). We both took our ‘king and queen’ seat. The people present couldn’t help but scream and clap. Samuel staggered like a drunk to the podium. 
Samuel: ladies and gents, its time for beach parrryyy (party). Everyone: yeeeee!”!