Passion and Power – Thursday (09-02-2017)



In today’s episode,
Erick meets with Ashmo and tells him that he’s putting the money in his account to start the business.  Daniela and Lully arrive to meet Erick since Erick asked Lully to bring her there and Ashmo upon seeing Daniela entering the washroom,  goes after her to suffocate her with Cocaine and again left some behind for her to inhale but Danny tries pushing him away and becomes very depressed so she calls David over to the place.
 All this while, Erick was intentionally  distracting Lully with some unnecessary conversation in order not to have her attention on Daniela and Ashmo but unfortunately, she spots Ashmo as he comes out of the washroom signing to Erick that he is done with his job and Lully looking so nervous, asks Erick if he saw Ashmo pass but he says No and cares less about that because he has no business with him. Lully then excused him to go check on Danny but Erick tries preventing Lully from going and Lully sensing something strange, asked Erick if Ashmo was with him but he pulled her down cunningly.
Quickly, Danny comes out to sit by their side and she tells Erick that she saw Ashmo and Erick asks her to not tell their dad he was Ashmo because if not, his business deal with him will backfire and Daniela tells Erick that he’s selfish since he doesn’t care about the harm Ashmo has been causing her. Erick then walks out on her. She begins to think about Regina still in love with David which might have prevented David from coming early to check on her after she called and becomes more confused. Right there, she concluded that David never loved her and so she takes the cocaine in her bag left by Ashmo and this time the overdose of it ended her up in a bad state. Lully calls Regina and David and they rush there to check on her and decide they are taking her to the hospital.
Nina is informed by Petra that Daniela has been rushed to the hospital and she becomes nervous. In the same vein, Lully calls Augustin and Arturo to inform them about the situation. 
At that moment, the ambulance arrives but using the perforator to revive Danny  seemed too late since she was already gone to the next world. Thus, gave up her last breath and Regina and David become sad. Arturo and Nina also arrive to hear the news and it hits them after checking on the body and Nina blames Arturo for being the cause.
Erick arrives and begins to blame David for being the cause of Danny taking in drugs again but David says Daniela mentioned it was Ashmo and Lully confessed that she saw Ashmo. Arturo then asks why Erick has to be so wicked to sell his own sister to Ashmo. 
At the funeral, Eladio and Julia show up to mourn with the family but Nina wants Arturo and Julia to leave because they are the cause of the death of Danny since they never loved Danny because Arturo preferred to spend his company with Julia rather than his daughter and Julia also wanted to separate Danny from David because she never loved her but Arturo tells her he will not leave because Danny is also his daughter.
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