Woara Season 2 – Episode 1 – “My Name is Yvonne and this is my story”


On Season One – Episode Nine (9) – 
“Good Consul”
“Look, you are my friend and I don’t wanna hide anything from you. Yvonne is a good girl, I honestly don’t know this guy called Fred, but to tell you the truth, I was in a relationship with Yvonne until, I cheated on her with Efua.” He revealed.
Season Two – Episode One (1) – “My Name is Yvonne and this is my story”
Born into a wealthy family, I must say my sister and I had everything we wished for. I remember my childhood was really fun. We got educated in one of the best and expensive schools in the country and even went abroad to further our education.
Well everything was not as easy as it seems, Afra and I didn’t really get along. We disagreed on so many things even to the extent that we could go days without talking to each other.
But somewhere along the line, we always end up making peace amicably. I guess that’s a usual thing right? Anyway, there is even more to it than it seems. Back in the states, Afra and I had a really big argument. It seemed we were both in a competition where at the end, one of us had to win at all cost.
I wanted the best for myself and so did she and I must say, that was the thing that kept us apart. Two years older than Afra, yet she always wanted to act like the older one. In a null shell, we just didn’t get along very well.
Now this is where it all began. I had an opportunity to do an intern in one of the biggest gold company in the united state even when I was schooling. Somehow, My appointment letter ended up with my sister without me knowing and believe it or not, she kept the letter until a month later which by then, the opportunity had already slipped away.
Her reason for keeping that letter was only known to herself because I knew she knew the content of the letter. Because of this, I decided to move back to Ghana, move away from Afra and start all over again in the school I find myself in now.
That was when I met Ishvi. He was very sweet and caring and yeah, was every ladies dream man. We started of as friends and eventually we began dating. Just a year down the line, Afra also came from the states. I didn’t really like the idea of her being around though, but there was something different about her when she returned. She was quite supportive and acted like a real sister this time around.
Well, that was enough for me, to let her into my personal life. I started telling her everything, my in and out including my relationship life with Ishvi.
Everything seemed to be normal until I finally got admission to the university I’m in now. That was were I eventually met Efua. She was the first person I came into contact with. Though we were both new students in the school she was already all over the place. I felt I knew her very well and before I knew it, I also started telling her my stuff.
I eventually introduced her to Ishvi and I could remember some few times, Ishvi even took the two of us out together. Well I thought my guy was just being nice until I noticed he was acting distant. I tried to find out what was going on but the more I did the more I tore the relationship apart with constant misunderstanding and argument.
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I will usually cry myself to bed and be consoled by Afra, my sister. There were some few times Afra told me that she had a feeling that Ishvi was cheating on me but I didn’t see myself believing it. She was determine to prove me wrong but I just wanted things to be the way they were.
I felt that, this was a relationship and its just normal for us to undergo such crisis, I must say. But things were just getting bad and worse. At a point in time, we even argued to the point that we forgot what we were arguing about, all I wanted was to let him know I was right and that was what he also wanted.
I couldn’t take it anymore until he started making excuses anytime we had to go out or meet. I don’t know how Afra found out, but it was one of those times, where my sister came rushing home that she had seen Ishvi with another lady. Well, as much as I didn’t want to follow my sister to where Ishvi and the lady was, within me, I wanted to prove Ishvi wrong, I wanted him to know that he was the one destroying the beautiful thing we once shared.
Eventually, I went together with Afra and yeah, she was right. Ishvi was really cheating on me. What I couldn’t understand was the fact that she was cheating with my own friend Efua. I saw them both, kissing and cuddling each other out there in the opening, something he had never done with me ever since we began dating.
I was really hurt, I loved him and even wanted to make things right even after everything but this was the situation he cheated on me with my own friend and for that alone, there was no way I could get back into relationship with him. I forgave both of them but the relationship was long over.
Even after all this, Afra took delight in making mockery of me. She constantly reminded me of what Ishvi did to me making it very difficult for me to even heal. It got out of hand and again we began exchanging words and avoiding each other for months until she decided to go back to the states.
Well, it’s true we had our differences, but she never seized being my sister. I even saw her to the airport. That was where we both met Fred. He helped her with her luggage and there we all exchanged contact.
To be continued.
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