Broken Seal ~Episode 26


​“Namaste” i greeted sarcastically when opened the door. 
Me: come in please. 
Ella: you never told me you speak hindu (smiling).
 Me: uhm yeah, i actually learnt it from the moment you started dressing like an Indian woman. *laughs* I miss you alot Ella. 
Ella: I miss you much more….you’ar gonna make it up to me for causing me to miss you this much. 
Me: hmmm…. How about we go out tomorrow?
 Ella: to where?
 Me: you name it, resort, horse riding, yacht station etc. your wish is my command ma’am. 
Ella: why don’t we go to a sculptoring and painting shop?
 Me: thats okay by me, as long as you’d love it. 
Ella: so how did it go?…..the exhibition.
 Me: (should i tell her about Nikky?) it went well dear. I told her somethings about the event but completely kept her in the dark about Nikky. We had a nice time as usual. She prepared dinner, we ate before i drove her home. 
 I drove to Ella’s home after work today. Ma’am kate wasn’t home, according to Ella, she went to the market. Ella and I drove to the painting & sculptor shop. I must say the artiste is an expert, he sculpted out our images like a digital camera would. After the paint dried up, we paid the artiste and left his shop. 
Me: Why don’t we do a little shopping? Am bored of being bored. 
Ella: you mean am boring? 
Me: hahahaha not my point, i just feel we should visit a shopping mall today. 
Ella: you’ar on the wheels right? Drive on!!!
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Memories of my first meeting with Ella flashed back in my mind. Perharps its ‘coz we’ar at the same supermarket. Everything felt like it just happened yesterday. I can’t believe i fell in love with an arrog….. No she isn’t arrogant, shes Ella, the sweetest lady you can ever meet on planet earth. I pushed the trolley while Ella did most of the shopping. Just then i heard….. 
Voice: wow baby we meet again. It was Nikky!!! Thank heavens Ella left for the rest room seconds ago. 
Me: you live in Manila? 
Nikky: aint you happy to see me? 
Me: i’d have been happy but you killed it, am not your….ba….baby, let no one hear that from you, got it? 
Nikky: okay got it, all i know is i love you, and you love me too!!! 
Me: I what? I never loved you and never would I!!! Get that into your gaddamned brain.
 Nikky: (smiling rather devilishly) we love each other, you can’t deny that, Isaiah. 
Me: i……
 Ella: baby who is she? WTF! Ella?!! For how long have she been standing here? Was she eavesdropping? OMG what do I tell her???