Broken Seal ~Episode 27


Should i tell Ella the whole truth? How would she react to it? I really don’t know! Am confused right now….. 
Me: oh! Baby you’ar back. I pecked Ella on her cheek, first to clear any suspicion and to get Nikky jealous, perhabs she’d let us be. meet Nikky, my friend in college, Nikky, meet Ella my wife to be. As i did the little introduction, Nikky tried hard to shield her expression, i guess she failed ‘coz her eyes were red with anger and green with jealousy. She reluctantly shoke hands with Ella, muttering some incoherent words. 
Nikky: I’d be on my way, have fun. She winked at me before dashing out, mtcheeew crazy girl, whats with the wink? We finished our shopping then left. 
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***************************** Adrian’s body still aches, he remembered Isaiah and his friend. But what hurt him(Adrian) the more was the fact that he spilled out the beans, yes the torture was unbearable but he could have atleast lied. He told Rodelio what happened, but totally left out the part that he was abducted ‘coz he don’t want Rodelio to know he told Isaiah the truth. His boss’ (Rodelio’s) wine making company was also represented in the exhibition. Someone kept an eye on Isaiah. Reports had it that one particular lady kept stalking him (Isaiah). He also saw the lady standing with Isaiah in the mall, today. She would make for a perfect bait. When Adrian saw the lady walking out, he called Rodelio to update him….. *on the phone* 
Adrian: yes boss….she’s about entering soriano….black hyundai sonata….uhm…er….EVN.729 filipina…thanks boss (grinning) 
Rodelio picked his orange painted ferrari, he drove at a very high speed, cutting across soriano. From afar, he saw a car that matched the color and plate number described by Adrian. He was glad, she was driving just a few metres from him. He thought of overtaking her, but his plans went trashy when Nikky parked by the walkway. He also halted a little distance from her. He watched her walk into a bar, his instincts told him she wouldn’t be long, perhaps she want to see someone or better still, buy a drink. He quickly drafted out another plan, yes thats how good he is. He entered the bar, he easily recognized Nikky ‘coz of the pics Adrian sent to him. Nikky bought a bottle of blue wine and was about leaving the bar. Then, it dawned on Rodelio that he can’t lose her. He snatched a wine glass from a man who was drinking away his liver. The man wanted to make a scene but calmed down when Rodelio revealed a shiny pistol tucked in his waist region. Rodelio spilled the glass of wine on Nikky’s white lacy shirt, he made it appear as an accident. ….
Rodelio: sorry miss (cleaning her shirt with his white hand towel) 
Nikky: jerk! Don’t you watch your way? 
Rodelio: it was an accident. 
Nikky: mtcheeew. 
Rodelio: i’m really sorry….
 Nikky: i’ve heard you, get lost. 
Rodelio: as a sign you’ve accept my appologies, can we have a drink….together? .
Nikky: aigo you’ve got some nerves huh? Get out of my way!!!! She replied and walked briskly out of the bar. What a pissful day!!! First Isaiah embarrased her before that….that….bìtch! Ella or whatever she calls herself. And now some blind idiot spilling wine on her! 
 She was lost in her reverie until she heard footsteps behind her, it was that shirt stainer mtcheeew. .
Nikky: Oh my G what do you want? 
Rodelio: calm down will you? .
Nikky: why are you here? To bath me in hot coffee? *opening her car*
 Rodelio: wai….wait….can i atleast get your contact? His mischievious smile was running her mad, he was so pesky and persistent! She finally yielded. She gave him her business card and zoomed off. Rodelio called her later in the evening, she sounded more friendly on phone. They agreed to have a lunch date tomorrow by 2pm. Rodelio retired to bed happily, everything is just working as planned. Whoo!! huuu!!! 
To be continued