Broken Seal ~Episode 28


Nikky was shocked to see pictures of Isaiah and herself. The pics were taken during the pool party in the trade fare exhibition, days ago.
 Nikky: how did you get these? 
Rodelio: he’s your secret lover right? 
Nikky: and why should I answer that? 
Rodelio: (sipping his drink) aaahhh! This drink taste so lovely, care for some? 
Nikky: jerk!!! Who is talking about drinks
 Rodelio: (feeling he’s now in control) you wanted to leave right? Buh-bye, say hello to the traffic man. 
Nikky: hey am serious here! 
Rodelio: no you aint. 
Nikky: yes i am. 
Rodelio: then answer my question, its for your good you know….. 
Nikky: yeah….i mean we use to be sweethearts until….never mind.
 Rodelio: ahah! I knew it!!! We are in the same boat then.
 Nikky: you mean….? 
Rodelio: Ella, the girl he’s dating currently, is my girl….and i want her back the way you want him. 
Nikky: thats awesome! We’ar fighting the same course then. 
Rodelio: uhm yeah….how do you intend getting him back? 
Nikky: i have my plans. 
Rodelio: we’ar allies aint we? Why not let me in? 
Nikky: we had a child back then, but for some reasons i couldn’t tell him before leaving the country. 
Rodelio: are you serious? Thats a big catch woo-hooo They continued chatting, they were both confident that they’d get their lovers back…’coz first love never dies. 
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 I sat alone in my room, reading wonderful novel until i was distracted by the beeping of my phone. It was a text message from Nikky, it reads…. 
“Hi, i know you wouldn’t pick up my call, we have to talk, its important, very important….. Meet me in third drive, i’d be in the eatery oppostite matial car wash. Time is 4pm, don’t keep me waiting. Love you *kisses* *roses* ….Nikky”
 what is she up to? Whats so important that can’t be texted? I guess time shall tell. I deleted the text message and dived into bed, time to catch some sleep….. 
 I left home some minutes to 4pm, before 4:30pm, i arrived the eatery Nikky described in her text message. It was easy to identify her from afar ‘coz of her unique american hairstyle, most filipinos keep long staight hair you know. 
Nikky: waiter…… 
Me: sshhh are we here for a date? I’m really busy i had to squeeze time, whats so important that you want to talk about?
 Nikky: uhm, this place is kinda noisy, why don’t we talk in the garden over there? (pointing) we bought two yoghurts and left for the eatery’ garden. We found two seats and occupied them.
 Nikky: I sincerely don’t know where to start from…… 
Me: start anyhow, i’d understand. 
Nikky: i’m sorry for not letting you know before now. 
Me: i don’t get…… 
Nikky: shortly before i left for the states, after our break up that is. I realised i was having your baby…. *pausing to watch my expression* what!!! 
Please tell me she’s kidding, we met only once how the heck did that happen?
 To be continued