Broken Seal ~Episode 29


 Me: you what?!!! You must be kidding me. 
Nikky: It was after we broke up that i found out….i lost the courage to tell you ‘coz you didn’t want to talk to me or pick my calls. Everything happened so fast. It was during that period that dad decided I complete my studies in the states….i’m really sorry. I wasn’t paying attention anymore. The chair i sat on seem to have been manufactured in hell, unusual heat attacked me immediately. Oh god, why now? Why? Hot balls of sweat partied my forehead. Is she for real? No no it can’t be! This is probably one of her tricks to get me back…i won’t fall for it, no i won’t. I was lost in my thoughts until Nikky jerked me with her words…. 
Nikky: please say something? 
Me: why are you telling me only now? I’m engaged and would be getting married soon. What do you want me to do? Besides how am I sure you aint making this up? Where’s the kid?
 Nikky: please believe me?…..i’d bring the kid to her daddy, probably tomorrow. 
Me: then what next? I know that question sound childish. To be sincere, i lost my thinking faculty, i wasn’t thinking straight anymore. 
Nikky: then we’d live as on big happy family of course, or do you want to abandon your first child? Your flesh and blood? Your…… 
Me: (getting pissed of “your your”) how do you want Ella to react to this? You want me to dump her for you? I don’t love you…its her i love please understand? .
Nikky’s eyes turned red, they were pricked with tears. I felt some remorse, maybe i shouldn’t have used such harsh words, i wish i could retrieve my outburst. I tried consoling her but it seem i refill the fuel to her cry engine. She bursted into loud cries. Not minding where we were. I had to hug her and try to console her. We hugged for minutes before disengaging and finally leaving the garden. I drove so madly today, insulting any ill-fated Tom, dìck and harry who cross my path. I badly needed someone to talk to, should i go to Ella’s no no, this isn’t the perfect time to tell her about Nikky. I drove to Samuel’s house instead. I explained everything to him, leaving out no detail.  
Samuel: this is serious….i’m really short of words. .
Me: what do you think i should do? 
Samuel: lets wait till she comes with the child. 
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Nikky got home and locked herself inside, what would happen next? Yes she love Isaiah, yes they have a baby, but do he love her? He said it to her face that he don’t! Would bringing the child change anything? She hope it does. She laid on her bed, weeping bitterly. She got up and washed her face after several minutes of weeping. She picked up her phone to call her dad. *on the phone* 
Nikky: hi dad..
 Angelo: hello dear, how are you? 
Nikky: not really fine…..erh…dad? I want to see my daughter. 
Angelo: i was thinking you wouldn’t ask of her again. 
Nikky: common dad, shes my daughter, moreover i met her dad here in Manila. 
Angelo: Isaiah you mean? 
Nikky: yes dad, so where is she? 
Angelo: she’s in an orphanage in san bartelome.
 Nikky: okay sir, i’d be in Cebu first thing tomorrow. 
Angelo: there would be no need for that, i’d be in Manila tomorrow, just get ready.
 Nikky: okay dad, bye, i love you……
 To be continued