Broken Seal ~Episode 30


 Angelo arrived Manila at about 10am. He and Nikky went to the orphanage in San Bartelome, that was where they kept Nikky’s baby. Nikky delivered in the US but her dad brought the child to the Philippines, and kept her under the care of the care givers here in the orphanage. Everything in the orphanage looked familiar, the trees, the white paintings, chapel to mention but a few. 
They (Angelo & Nikky) went to the secretary and asked to see Naomi, the baby was specifically put under her care. The secretary lead them to the visitors hall then left to inform Naomi. In no distant time, Naomi came out, she was clad in her usual white nun wear. She did the sign of the cross, using her rossary. 
Angelo: oh! Naomi, you’ve changed alot….you look older than i remember (smiling) 
Naomi: (smiling too) have we met before? Sorry i can’t recall…..
 Angelo: April, five years ago, i brought a baby to you….i asked you to name her Nenita, remember? 
Naomi: oh yeah! Angelo right?
 Angelo: right! How is she? Nenita. 
Naomi: (sad face) i’m sorry i have some bad news….. 
Nikky: what?!!! What happened to her? … to me!!!(furious) Naomi:…. . . . . . . . . . 
Naomi: nothing so serious, she’s suffering from fever and shes currently being admitted in our clinic. 
Nikky: can we see her now? 
Naomi: sure, follow me….. Naomi lead the way to the clinic, Nenita laid unconscious on the bed.
 Nikky: my baby! Mummy is here okay? 
Angelo: We would like to take her along, for better treatment in the city. Noami obliged, a nurse came and undid the drip fixed to Neni. Angelo did some signing, donated thousands of peso to the orphanage before they left. 
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 Ella and i didn’t meet throughout yesterday, ‘coz i wasn’t myself, and surprisingly, she didn’t call, thats freakish, hope its not another problem? I wasn’t in the mood to drive, i took a cab to Ella’s home. I knocked severally, yet no response. Luckily, the door isn’t locked i barged in. Ella was watching tv, she looked at me and turned her gaze away, is this some movie or what? Normally, she’d greet me with a hug, but today i got ‘bad eye’ instead. 
Me: Ella honey, are you okay? Won’t you atleast welcome me?
 Ella: *silent* 
Me: whats wrong? 
Ella: *no reply* I tapped her gently on the shoulder. 
Me: are you okay?
 Ella: oh! Please save me the act…you think i won’t find out? Sorry to disappoint you.
 Me: find out? Find out what? I don’t understand.
 Ella: you’ar still pretending huh? Can you explain this? She gave me a brown envelope which i opened immediately. It it has two pics and a written note. One of the pics had Nikky and I on it, she was on bikini, lying next to me. Oh! The pool party!!! The other pic was Nikky and I, hugging in the garden…… 
Me: I can explain…. 
Ella: explain what? 
Me: its not what it seems…..
 Ella: you cheat! When did pictures start lying huh? Just get out of my house, i don’t want to ever see you again!!!
 Me: Ella?
 Ella: out!!!!!!!!!! 
To be continued