Deep in our hearts, there are indelible marks. Marks of love and affection. Marks of people who can never be forgotten.

These marks are left behind by several periods of amazing feelings shared or acts of love shown. One such special occasion where many people tend to show love to the extreme is valentine’s day. The day of love as many would also put it.

The 14th day of February. However, of all the things people do on this day, there are a few things you just cannot afford to do on this day. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online hotel booking website highlights them below.

1 Staying at home – Many argue that ‘’Valentine’s Day’’ is just another ordinary day and therefore should be treated as such. Whether you agree or not doesn’t stop you from doing something extra to show how much your partner means to you. Why would you even want to stay home like any other day when you can step out for a change? Stepping out doesn’t mean going to a new fancy place. You can revisit a place that brings back several beautiful memories, go on a mini vacation or even have a simple dinner in the same hotel where you had your honeymoon. Whatever the case may be, just don’t stay at home unless you have a super plan to make that day special at home.

2 Buying a cheap gift – No gift is always better than a cheap gift. Cheap gifts only show your partner how much they are worth to you. Some gifts may be less expensive yet have so much sentimental value. Others may be very expensive and yet mean nothing to your partner. Just study your partner very well and know what to get for him/her. Just don’t repeat the gifts you have been giving them all the time. Be creative, be innovative and don’t settle for what is only affordable but what is befitting. Sometimes, you have to exceed your budget a little but your partner is worth every dime of it otherwise you won’t be going through this stress.

3 Feeling sad and alone – Loneliness is definitely a disease. The worst feeling in the world is being left alone on a day when everyone else is sharing love. With no call, no message or no one to spend the day with. It is said that ‘’ You get what you give’’, so it is always imperative that you show love to people. Family, friends and loved ones deserve your love all year round. When you love people and care about them, you will always be remembered on special occasions such as valentines. Love and be loved!

4 Overspending – Understandably, we may want to impress,outshine or prove the worth of our love for that special person. This is not bad if you have the means. However, you should check your budget and look very well before you buy an item or make a reservation. When your partner is fully aware of your financial situation, trying to do too much may just ruin the whole purpose of your gift or treat. You cannot buy a cheap gift, book a cheap hotel or make a cheap dinner reservation for him/her on that day. On the other hand, you cannot overspend too. There is life after valentine’s day. You cannot spend too much on just one day. Play smart and save BIG while you do something nice.

5 Be stressed out – A day is only 24hours. Whether it is Christmas day, New years day, your birthday or valentines day, there are no extra hours added. Although some days are treated with so much importance than others, be conscious of the fact that, the next day you will still have things to do. There will be bills to pay and a job to go to. So after months and weeks of planning, ensure that you have a memorable day filled with happiness and laughter. Retire to bed on time, save money and continue life with only good memories and no regrets. Don’t get too stressed out for just one day, there are better days ahead.

Credit: Enterghana.com