'I was a sex slave and forced to perform in child sex abuse videos aged 10 by my own FAMILY'



A woman has bravely told how she spent years a sex slave, pimped out to brothels and forced to appear in child porn – by her own family. Jessa Dillow Crisp, who is now aged 29, escaped her ordeal in 2010 and refuses to let her horrific childhood define her. She was just 10years old when she was first sexually abused by members of her own family. They then began to force her to pose for degrading pictures and videos with child pornographers. This then escalated to selling Jessa for sex in “countless” brothels. She was often trafficked around towns in Canada, where she grew up, or even across into the United States.

She told Global Citizen: “The horror can’t be put into words, neither can the brothels I was taken to or the men and women I was forced to service.

“Not only did I see someone very close to me murdered, but police officers were some of my buyers and multiple times I was handcuffed, raped, and told that if I told anyone I would be put in jail.”

Jessa escaped her captors in 2010 after meeting a woman who worked with survivors of human trafficking. With huge amounts of courage, Jessa managed to break free and even went on to earn a degree in Clinical Counseling.Through her work she has learned that ‘familial trafficking’ is “very common”. She is now working towards her Masters and hopes to pursue a PhD.

“I refuse to let the evil of my past win,” she said. “Instead, my pain has a purpose now.”

Credit: Mirror.co.uk