Broken Seal ~Episode 31


*on the phone* Rodelio: message delivered, damage comfirmed, its time to take back what rightfully belongs to us. 
Nikky: i’m glad its finally over, wow so soon? Its time for you to prove to Ella that you’ar the best for her, shes now yours and yours alone. 
Rodelio: thats right sweetheart, i can’t wait to party!!! 
*hung up*
 Nikky was glad to hear their plan worked out just perfectly well. Rodelio’s men hid in the garden watching them, it was then they took those perfect shots. Nikky smiled to herself, its now time to get her family fixed….Nenita her daughter and Isaiah her ‘husband’. She continued smiling devilishly as she was next to Nenita who was still sleeping. According to the doc, she would be discharged tomorrow. 
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Angelo came back home pretty late. Hr spent sometime with his daughter and grandchild, though Neni didn’t wake before he left. His trip back to Cebu was very hectic. 
Carolyne: hi hon…..where were you all day? 
Angelo: uhm (scratching his head) Nikky and I visited the orphanage.
 Carolyne: you went for charity and never cared to tell me about it? 
Angelo: not exactly….thing is… sorry for keeping this a secret from you okay?
 Carolyne: okay? 
Angelo: your daughter, Nikky got pregnant…… 
Carolyne: what?!! 
Angelo: lemme finish….she got pregnant back then in college, she was so scared of facing the public with such a shame, that was why i had her flown abroad, she gave birth there and i brought the kid to an orphanage here in Philippine. 
Carolyne: and you both kept this from me? Why? 
Angelo: it was 5years ago, remember? 
Carolyne: oh i get it.
 Exactly 5years ago was a sour year for the Angelo family, nobody wanted to talk about that year anymore, ‘coz from January that year through to the half of the subsequent year, Carolyne suffered psychiatric problem. She was in the rehabilitation home for over 14months, luck decided to shine on her after this period, she got her healing. Angelo told her Isaiah their mayor’s son was the father of Nikky’s child. They continued talking about other stuffs…. 
************************ I got home, feeling shattered and broken. Ever heard of Keith urban’s “i can’t live without you” exactly! That was the only song and emotion that kept revolving round my heart. I’m i really loosing Ella for good? The only lady i ever truly loved? Wait a sec, could it be that Nikky never got pregnant? Is she only making things up? How did Ella get those pics? These and many more questions devoured my thoughts. I can’t help but recall the events of my past…….
  Nikky and I grew up together, (in Cebu) our houses were linked together by a garden. As kids, we always meet up to play, our parents were also good friends. Nikky and I went to college in the same year and time. We did most things together. On this fateful day, Nikky asked me to come over and put her through with some hard math topics. I didn’t hesitate, ‘coz shes my friend!!! She use to live alone, i arrived in her apartment, i was given a warm welcome before she went to her mini bar to get us some drinks. My body chemistry changed the moment i tasted the glass of whatever wine she claimed to have offered. I felt freakingly weak and the urge for s-x was at its peak.
 Me: what did you give me? I managed to mutter, but she only laughed. Feeling weak, i laid on the couch. Minutes later, i felt some weight on me. I opened my eyes only to see Nikky lying on me, she was wearing only bra and uhm pink panties (if my memory serves me right). I tried speaking but my tongue wasn’t coperating. Nikky planted a kiss on my lips, i was too weak to resist or should i say i wasn’t determined to resist? We ended up having sèx in place of math lesson. That was how we leaped from platonic friendship, though our relationship was short lived. Shìt!! If only i can turn the hands of time, i wouldn’t have visited Nikky that night!!!! 
To be continued