Woara Season 2 – Episode 2 -”I felt him in me”


That was where we both met Fred. He helped her with her luggage and there we all exchanged contact.
This is where it all began, from regular dates to frequent visits, Fred and I began dating each other. Though I didn’t keep my sister updated on my current relationship, she heard everything through his constant chat with Fred even while she was still in the state.
Though we were dating, I was still not over Ishvi, I still had feelings for him and was yet to get over him. I thought Fred coming into my life would rather help it but I noticed that, I was not really much into Fred. Something about him always pushed me away though I gave myself time to get along with him.
Fred was so secretive, he hardly talks to me or share anything at all with me. Apart from his residence which I know of, I knew nothing else about him. I didn’t know the work he does, I didn’t even know any of his relatives. Anytime I ask, he will go like “The right time will come”
The only thing that kept me around him was the fact that I wanted to get over Ishvi as quickly as possible and I guess that was where I was totally wrong. Even aside Fred’s short falls, he was the committed type and honestly I wanted everything to work but it all changed all of a sudden.
For about two months, I never heard from Fred again neither did I even set my eyes on him. The worse thing was that, this happened right after I gave myself to him intimately.Prior to that, He had actually been pressuring me about it but I gave him a deaf ear.
He got me, only when I found myself lost in the thought of my ex, Ishvi. I cried at his presence and then as caring as he was, he began consoling me. Then he kissed me, then he touched me on my soft spots. I didn’t stop him, He went further and took off my top, I didn’t stop him, he kissed me all over again.
I felt him in me, it was painful, yet I allowed him. He was aggressive and rough and was not being sensitive to me. It was just obvious that he wanted to satisfy himself. I still allowed him. He kept banging and banging, pumping the hell out of me. It was painful and I didn’t enjoy it. I wanted it to be painful. Yes, that’s how I wanted it. Painful enough to get my mind of Ishvi. That was it, he came in me and right afterwards, he just stood up and got himself dressed.
It was as if, he didn’t even notice me. He has gotten what he wanted and that made him okay. I was in pains after the rough way he handled me. I rushed to the bathroom and spent several minutes there crying and sobbing. I regretted for allowing myself but now, I was more than determine to make everything right with Fred.
But that was the last time I set my eyes on him. His phones were off, it was as if he never existed. After a month of not hearing from him, I told myself not to allow myself to be controlled by men. I wanted to be happy like any other person and in other to that, I reconciled with my sister and Efua, my best friend.
Efua told me how sorry she was and for that matter was going to make up to me. We even talked more to the extent that She told me she was still dating Ishvi. Well I felt it was a good thing. Perhaps, Ishvi and I was never made for each other.
I planned on not going into any relationship for now until I noticed this nerd in my class called Humphrey. I felt bad when everyone in class laughed at him. They made fun of his dressing and almost everything about him. But you can’t take away his knowledge from him. He was making the marks and was pegged as a first class student.
I wanted to get close to him, tap into his knowledge and get to know him well and so I did a background check on him. I noticed he has been struggling with his fees. It just wasn’t fair for such a bright student like him to have such financial problems. I payed off everything he owed.
Before I knew it, I found myself thinking of him all that time. I recall that was how things began with Ishvi and I. It was almost the same feeling just that I found myself extremely comfortable around Humphrey. I managed to get his attention and before I knew, I was so much in love with this guy.
There is nothing special about him, I was just in love with him for no reason. Around him, I felt secured and happy. He opened the door to my happiness without making any physical effort. I wanted to let him know how I feel and hoped that he also falls in love with me. I was so sure that, if he does fall in love with me, we were going to be happy with each other.
Afra, was coming back soon and her birthday was just around the corner. I wanted to take this opportunity to surprise her by taking her out. Well, I thought it will be the best opportunity for both of us to make up for the things in the past. I also had a different plan all together. Maybe I will use this opportunity to make things clearer to Humphrey.
I couldn’t even do that when the time came, I took the liberty to write how much I loved him on a sheet of paper and passed it to him while we were waiting for Afra to show up.
Somehow, I wasn’t really comfortable with the way Afra looked at him. The whole place was tensed up all of a sudden but I completely ignored everything.
Things was going on really well and just when I thought Humphrey was beginning to fall for me, my past came back hitting at me right in the face. Out of nowhere, Afra, showed up with Fred with his intention of marrying and settling down with me.
To be continued.
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