Broken Seal ~Episode 32


Ella was heading to her office, after she had had lunch, when one of the receptionists beckoned her to halt. 
Lady: Ella, someone left you a message. 
Ella: lets see it. 
Lady: here (giving her factory flowers) the dude said its for you……it looks like someone is having a secret admirer hmmm? (smiling) 
Ella: (with a light frown) I don’t want it, return it or better still keep it to yourself.
 Lady: what!!? Can you just listen to yourself? 
Ella: sonia, i meant what i said. 
*walking away* 
Sonia: Ella wait! If you don’t want the flower, good and fine but atleast read the written note. Sonia tittered and gave Ella the flower. Which She reluctantly collected and left for her seat. Ella opened the folded piece of paper, attached to the flower…it reads…. ? ? ? ? 
Isabella called and asked if i could pick her up, she was done with her exams for the semester. I declined and she killed the line immediately. Is she angry? I have more problems to ponder. In less than 30mins, she showed up, with almost all her stuffs as if she’d be going on a long vacation. 
Isabella: hey youngman. 
Me: whatsup with you, disrespectful girl?
 Isabella:hahahahahah is that a new version of ‘how was ya exams?….uhm you don’t look okay, whats wrong? 
Me: nothing, just tired. Why don’t you take your stuffs inside.
 Isabella: i’m hungry, anything?
 Me: do i look like your cook? I think there’s some pizza in the fridge. She served herself and we continued chatting. Talking about campus, her boyfriend and so on. She asked about Ella and I told her what happened. 
Isabella: I knew it!!! I never liked that Nikky girl one bit. But hey, why the heck did you get her pregnant? 
Me: i really don’t know…i think i was drugged. 
Isabella: hahahaha cheap girl, i’d never do such. So did you explain to Ella? 
Me: she didn’t give me the opportunity to. 
Isabella: what are you gonna do now? I was about answering when we heard a knock on the door. Isai got the door. Samuel came in, looking smart and casual. 
Samuel: still thinking of her? 
Me: can’t help it. 
Samuel: hmmmm i’m sure sonner or later she’d come to realise it was all a set up…..isai, can i get a glass of water please?
 Isabella: sure. She replied and went to get the water.
 Samuel: i want you to meet someone! 
Me: who is that?
 Samuel: surprise surprise. 
We chatted for minutes before leaving to meet his ‘surprise’ of a person. ? ?
 To be continued ? ?