Passion and Power – Thursday (02-02-2017)



 In today’s episode,
 Miguel tells Nina that he hopes Daniela gets better though they don’t go along well and also he would have want them (Nina and Miguel) to go along better since she is the only family he has but she always push him aside but despite everything he can tell she isn’t a bad person and he would have loved that she treated him like her son too. Tears then drain Nina.
 Augustin advises Eladio and Arturo to stop confronting each other since it’s not getting them anywhere but rather hurting people. Eladio thinks he understands but he doesn’t know of Arturo. He then tells Arturo that the only people he is now left with are Regina and Augustin so he should think twice.
 Humberto whether to believe it or not, asks Julia and Gabby to forgive him for all the wrongs he’s done against them because he realizes that all of the problems his family faced were mostly caused by him and they embrace each other.
 Eric confronts his mum on why she has to date Eladio just to hurt them more and Nina says she has no explanation to give him. Eladio also threatens him to shut his mouth because he perfectly know he was the one who killed Montserrat but he will still find a way to prove it. 
 Jorge asks David to prepare himself for anything because he is never going to rest until he gets Regina to marry him. David then becomes anxious.
 Miguel goes to see Eladio to ask him to tell him the truth about his intention of helping Nina and Eladio tells him that he only wants to help her since he noticed that she has a keen eye for business and also it’s his responsibility as the president of the business association.
 Augustin goes to give a cheque to the foundation and seeing Gabby playing with the children, he thinks she can be a good mother and Gabby hopes she succeeds in her treatment.
 Julia threatens Eladio that if he and Arturo will continue to fight over her as a puppet, she will disappear and he two of them will never see her again. Eladio then goes nervous 
 Regina tells her mum though she is still in love with David but she will rather see Daniela happy with him than to see her been destroyed by drugs.
 Daniela tells Arturo that though she can’t forgive him yet for the hurt he’s caused her but she loves him and Arturo thinks that is enough for him and he encourages her to continue her therapy to overcome drugs and he trusts she can do it. Nina then thinks Arturo has done something good today by making her (Daniela) happy.
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