Broken Seal ~Episode 7


 I was at home alone, watching reality tv, when samuel came by. That dude don’t work, simply ‘coz his dad owns a big company and is very wealthy. He depend on his dad’s wealth, spending it around. “afterall, i’d inherit all” he always say, when ever i bring the ‘won’t you work’ topic. We did some shopping in preparation for his birthday party. Samuel and I were born in the same year, we also have alot in common, reason people always call us twins. Though samuel is three months older. 
I invited Isabella and my closest friends at work, but failed to tell Ella about it. This might be my chance to hangout with her again i won’t loose it!!! I picked my phone and dailed Ella’s number. *on the phone* 
Me: hello, 
Ella. Ella: (in her angelic voice) hi…..i was about calling you before you did. 
Me: really? Why? Are you missing me? 
Ella: kinda 
Me: (glad!) i miss you more dear! 
Ella: hey wakeup, i’m only missing your treats. 
Me: (all the same) hmmmm.
 Ella: mum won’t be home tomorrow, the house is gonna be boring, mind keeping me company?
 Me: (yes! Perfect!!) actually, my closest buddy is hosting a birthday party tomorrow, we can go together….yeah? 
Ella: yeah, that would be nice….any dress code?
 Me: yes but not to worry, i’d take care of it. 
Ella: you’d pick me up then? 
Me: exactly!!!
 Ella: okay 
Me: gotta go now, dream of me! 
She muttered words that i didn’t comprehend, before the line went dead. I think i should go to bed early today, don’t want any case of drowsiness at the party ‘coz i’m ready to have fun, especially now that Ella would be around. 
At 3:15pm I came back from work, i dropped my documents, didnt care to eat. I went straight to Samuel’s house, there i ate some of the party food. Samuel lent me one of his cars, thats what i’d use to pick Ella up later. We both drove in different cars, parked one in my house before hoping into the other. We went to San Sebastian college to get Isai, picked her up and changed our course, now to a shopping mall.
 The dress code is brick red gown for the ladies while the men are to wear black tux with any touch of red, preferably in a bow tie.
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 Ella is almost the same height as Isabella, (though Ella is 26 and Isabella 18). I used that to predict her size. 
Samuel : hey bro Isai here have picked her choice, who are those (pointing) for? 
Me: for a senorita
 samuel: hmmmm you’ve gotten a mamasita and didn’t care to let me know?
 Me: come off it, shes only but a friend! 
We were done with the shopping, its now 5:40pm, the party would start by 6pm. I dropped Isabella and Samuel in the venue before going to Ella’s house. The house isn’t that big, i guess it should be a two-bedroom flat like mine. Ella ushered me in, the interior looked superb but designed ‘ladies taste’, isn’t she living with her father? Brothers? I didn’t ask her though. I gave her the stuffs i got, she liked them and left for shower. 
 Ella looked much more prettier in her red gown, her hair, well packed and decorated with silver pins. I held her hands as if someone is gonna steal her from me, we got to the car, i rushed and opened the door for her, before taking my seat and starting the ignition. It was a nice ride, the road wasn’t busy, the cool evening breeze was caressing our faces. 
Ella: you own this car? 
Me: uhm……yeah!(lol) 
Ella: its nice
 Me: thanks dear. “Huuuuu huuuu here we go princess Ella” i screamed, killing the engine, we’ve arrived Samuel’s mansion. I opened the door for Ella, before locking the car. Different noises filled the air, indistinct chattering, musics, to mention but a few. 
Mic man: ladies and gents, lets welcome Isaiah Guidotti to the high table!!! *claps* I was almost seating somewhere else when i heard that, luckily the seats reserved isnt only one, i dragged Ella, as she reluctantly tagged along. The party is superb, it delivered more than i expected, the main event is over but partying continues till down!!!
 Ella wanted to go, i guessed i’d drop her before returning. We weren’t perfectly out of the compound when i sighted a flourist, this is the perfect time to try my luck with Ella! I bought a stick of red rose for 200 peso. Confusion was boldly written on Ella’s face, don’t worry baby, you’d get the message, i thought, silently. I knelt down before Ella, with the rose in my hand not minding the crowed street. 
Me: Ella, would you be my girlfriend? 
To be conthnued