Broken Seal ~Episode 6


‘Isai’ i let out, when i saw her. I opened the door wider to let her in, we both sat on the same sofa, i miss her alot! 
Isabella: hey big bro, whatsup? 
Me: am good……don’t tell me you came all the way from Cebu alone!!!
 Isabella: common Isaiah, am a big girl you know! 
Me: where is the driver? Or you came via commercial?
 Isabella: hahahaha just kidding, i’m with dad. 
Me: huh? Where is he? 
Isabella: he went to…. *door opens* 
Isabella: oh! There he is.
 Me: welcome dad.
 Dad: how are you doing, Isaiah? 
Me: i’m fine sir, please sit. I offered them glasses of fruit juice. 
Me: dad, how is mum and life as a mayor? 
Dad: your mum is fine, she sends her regards…..being a mayor is fun you know! Thats why i wanted you to go into politics but you opted for business instead(smiling) 
Me: i don’t like politics, its too….. (i wanted saying ‘dirty’ but hey my dad, a politician is seated here!!!) competitive. 
Isabella: i need more glasses of juice!!! 
Me:(smiling) i don’t look like Rama (our househelp) do i? 
Isabella: i’m your guest here! 
Me: welcome dear guest, guest don’t take more than one glasses of a drink do they? 
Dad: speaking of that, don’t you have food? Am kinda famished. 
Me:(you should have ate before coming) just a sec, dad. I went to the kitchen, thank goodness the food i prepared before leaving the house still remained. I served them the crispy pata with venegar, soy sauce and chili. We were all seated round the dinning table. While they scoffed their meals, i consumed two cans of straw berry ice cream-instantly! 
Dad: when did you develope such a great appetite, son? 
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Me: i love it dad, it taste different from what we have in Cebu!
 Isabella:(drops her fork) may i taste some? 
Me: no you can’t (tongue out)
 Me: dad, you guys didn’t even inform me you would be coming, why so? 
Dad: you’ar right, we didn’t plan this ourselves. Isabella here, received her admission later yesterday, to study at San Sebastien college here in Manila. I also have an urgent all-mayor meeting to attend today, so i decided to take Isabella with me. 
Me: congrats college girl. 
Isabella:(smiling) thanks a bunch. 
We continued talking, before dad left for his all-mayor meeting. Isabella applied for theatre art, i bet shes gonna be my Angelina Jolie, she loves action, shes also good at acting, she won multiple awards for that, back then in her high school days. 
What a bright but busy morning! We took Isabella to her dorm, dad also left for Cebu, not after a strict warning…… “make sure you protect my princess, don’t let anything bad happen to her, also take care of yourself, bye!” Of course i’d keep an eye on her, she’s the only sis i have, who wouldn’t protect his one and only…? I had wanted her to stay off campus ‘coz Manila is a city full of criminals of different degrees, bad influences etc but no,  Isabella can be headstrong sometimes;she refused to listen. Tomorrow is Samuel’s birthday party, i can’t wait! From the arrangements we’ve made, the party is gonna storm Manila!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
:::::::::::::To be continued:::::::::::