Broken Seal ~Episode 8


Naomi stood at the doorpost, watching Tomas. She can’t help but pity him, he sat on his bed weeping again. He probably didn’t notice her presence in the room, she wish she could help him, this is too much of a burden for only one person to bear, but what can she do about his sight? Absolutely nothing! She can only care for him and hope God would send someone who would make a huge donation to the orphanage, so Tomas can benefit from it. She sat next to Tomas on the bed, this act got him startled. 
Tomas: (using his hands to search the bed) who are you? 
Naomi: its me, mother Naomi. 
Tomas: oh! Mother, you startled me. 
Naomi: sorry about that, are you weeping again?
 Tomas: (using the back of his hand to wipe his tears) No am not. 
Naomi: you shouldn’t try hiding it, i saw you.
 Tomas: hmmmm 
Naomi: here, i brought some noodles for you, your favorite!
 Tomas: thanks, but i don’t think i’d eat right now.
 Naomi: please you have to eat, you wouldn’t wanna get sick would you? She mouth-fed him with the plate of noodles and a glass of juice
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Isabella is having fun to the brim, with two of her friends. They drank to stupor and still drinking. In her semi-right senses, she observed her brother is no where in sight, The chair he sat on earlier is empty. Where could he possibly be? She asked no one in particular. 
Isabella: (drunk voice) excuse me girls, i’d be back in a jiffy. 
Girl1: hey where to? Make sure you get us some drinks okay? 
Girl2: lets flush the boredorm college created in us yeeeee!!! 
Isabella: (jovially) rubbish!!! 
She went to the Vip wing, he wasn’t there, she shifted her gaze to the dance floor, despite the red dim light, she could see her bro, dancing with a lady. She staggered over there. 
Isabella: (holding the hem of his tux) hey bro, i’ve been searching everywhere for you, not knowing you’ar here with this (pointing, staggering) bìtch. 
Man: hey lady i don’t know you, get lost. 
Isabella: (taking a proper look at his face) huh? Wrong person!! She made to leave when a lady gripped her hand. 
Lady: who did you call bìtch earlier huh? 
Isabella: do you look any better? 
Lady: gbaooai (mighty slap) you don’t talk to me like that, got it? 
Isabella: how dare you slap me? She(Isabella) reached for the lady’s hair, pulling her hair fiercly as if to uproot the hair. The lady kicked Isabella on her left thigh. Isabella replied with a punch on the lady’s cheek. The lady fell to the floor, with blood surging from her nose. Isabella isn’t done yet, she hoped on the lady, punching and slapping her. All this happened in seconds. The man whom Isabella mistook his identity, tried taking Isabella off his girl….. 
Isabella: jerk! Don’t touch me, else i pounce on you!!! This infuriated him the more. 
Man: you’ar so full of your self huh? Gboooai i gave her a thundurous slap, the slap had a great effect on Isabella. The man was about raining punches on Isai, when samuel came into the picture, one of Isabella’s friends had informed him. He (samuel) dragged the man by the back of his tux, the man turned to face samuel, in a quick reflex samuel sent a punch message to his (the man’s) jaw. Not minding today is his day, and the man is a guest, all that mattered to him is doing what Isaiah would have done, if he was to witness the scene. The two men started a short-lived fist fight, until other persons separated them. 
Me: Ella, would you be my girlfriend? Ella:…… 
Me: Ella? 
Ella: i’m sorry…. *she walked away* 
:::::::::::To be continued::::::::::