Broken Seal ~Episode 9


​Ella: i’m sorry. *walks away* 
Wow, this is the greatest disappointment and embarassment that have ever, For the first time, i wish the street lights went off, even for atleast 10minutes. I was hearing laughters of mockery around me, i heard this conversation clearly……
 Guy1: poor dude, he want to have his way with her….. 
Guy2: yeah hahahahaha, i know its ‘coz shes quite popular as a presenter hahahahahaha. 
Mtcheeeew, i felt like picking up a fight with them but decided against it, i ran after Ella instead. 
Me: Ella please wait!!! 
Ella: (halt;leaning on a car, arms folded) hahahahahah you need to see the expression on your face. 
Me: (what do you expect? That i’d throw a party?) huh? How was it like? 
Ella: (making funny faces) you know, from the day that i first met you, though it wasn’t in a perfect scenario. I experienced this warmth and joy in me, reason i always love hanging out with you. The feeling is soooo special and unique, i love you Isaiah, yes i’d be your GIRLFRIEND!!! I was only kidding earlier.
 Me: (happy! Can’t believe this) you almost gave me a heart attack, that kind of joke can send someone to hell. I love you too Ella, the love i have for you is immeasurable as the expanse of the sky, and unending as the countless stars above us (pointing) the stars and the moon above are witnesses of this day and my love for you!
 Ella: (smiling) i love you more and i’d always do. We hugged tightly for the first time. The hug lasted for minutes, yes i didn’t use a timer, it may have actually been for seconds, but i felt it lasted for decades. We walked to the car, i could see the disappointment broadly written on the faces of some on-lookers. 
We arrived Ella’s home in few minutes, i stayed there for hours having a nice time, before leaving for home when it was few minutes past 1am. 
Isabella: issshhhh wouuuuch….easy please. *i was using some ice on her red swollen arm and cheek* 
Me: does it hurt?
 Isabella: i should give you a punch so you can appreciate what i’m feeling. 
Me: next time, you wouldn’t drink again!!! You’ar lucky samuel came to your rescue.
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My relationship with Ella grew stronger every passing day, our love for each other kept magnifying for each passing second of our lives. Today is a special day in my world, a day i dedicate to my late grandma. I call it my ‘world eating day’ do you know why? My grandma was the first to teach me how to cook, and she happen to die on this very date, years ago. I won’t celebrate today alone its gonna be flavored with Ella’s presence. I chose the location myself, bought all the edibles i wanted for picnic before going to Ella’s house. I was just in time, she just finished laundry. We took permission from her mum, Ma’am Kate. Yeah ma’am kate know about us and shes in support of our relationship. I took Ella to the garden, it was beautifully decorated with different flowers and royal palms. I decorated the place where Ella and I would be seating, with red rossed that formed a big love shape. I went to where i had hidden my stuffs and brought out a basket containing hamburger, some sandwiches, cookies, water melon and so on. 
Me: your eyes closed, miss. **she obeyed** I took a bitable piece of sandwich and urged her to open her mouth, which she obliged, i put the sandwich in there. 
Me: hey don’t bite me……guess whats in your mouth, eyes still closed. 
Ella: uhm….panini, monte cristo, pizza, sandwich? 
Me: i didn’t put all those in your mouth, choose one!
 Ella: i go for sandwich. 
Me: yeah yeah yeah you got that right, you’ar so good with food huh? 
Ella: can i open my eyes now? 
Me: as you wish my lady. 
Ella: what!!! You must be kidding me, didn’t you say you got home mades? Which of these isn’t factory processed? 
Me: …… 
Ella: (standing up) you’d get it from me today!!! *we both started running in circles, it was fun!!! She finally caught me-i allowed that* 
Ella: only one thing would save you, you’d have to climb up there, (pointing to a short tree) and get me a stick of pink rose. I did ASAP love is crazy!!!!!!!! 
Me: here you go cinderella. 
Ella: wow thanks, do you know that rose speaks in the language only love understands? 
Me: it does?
 Ella: yeah, listen and interprete (taking the rose to my ear)
 Me: it says Ella love me! 
Ella: wrong it says Ella loveeee(stressing ‘love’) you!!
 Me: hmmmm, love you more! The picnic was fun all through.