Passion and Power – Monday (08/11/16)


In today’s episode.
6 month pass by and Eladio calls David to tell him that he has to come home with Regina because he wants to throw a big feast for them as the two of them have greatly done well with the construction company and Julia thinks the therapy has indeed helped Eladio and her very much because he now sees that her husband has a good heart and also their forgiveness has truly led to their great marriage happiness and that is how it’s going to be and she kisses Eladio.

Consuelo now is in labor and Clara tries getting in touch with Arturo to let him know since in that same vein, Daniela has caused him angry by insisting that she thinks Miguel has a hand in the accident which he still opposes, he went inside the room without taking his phone along with, and luckily Miguel calls Clara and she tells him straight away so he goes to take her to the hospital but whiles on the way, Consuelo felt the baby come and they had no choice than for Miguel to help Consuelo to deliver in the car as Clara receives instructions from a midwife on how to go about it and successfully she delivers a bouncy baby

Caridad goes to give some documents to Eladio and unfortunately she leaves her cell phone on the table and at that present moment, Marintia also sends a photograph of how her pregnancy looks and Eladio seeing it becomes so anxious and questions Caridad who is the father of her unborn child and Caridad reveals that it’s Franco’s and Eladio asks her why she has to keep this from him and Caridad says she kept it because he is capable of telling her to abort it as he ones told her same and Eladio thinks she should have used her head since that could only cause her son’s marriage to fall apart.

Quickly, he calls Franco to let him know that Marintia is 7months pregnant and he wonders why he never allowed her to abort it and that seems as weird to Franco as he thought Marintia already got rid of that shit and Eladio slaps him stating that he should have gone with Marintia to the hospital to verify it himself or he could have sent Kaleo to go with Marintia to do the abortion. Franco then assures him that he is going to do everything possible to handle the situation which Eladio thinks it’s for the best because he doesn’t want Franco to give Julia any reasons for her to hate him for hurting Gabby.

Miguel calls Arturo to let him know that Consuelo has delivered and he looks so filled with joy but Daniela thinks it’s so sad that Miguel was there but on the other hand, Erick is lying helplessly at the hospital. Funny thinks everything will now go in favor of Nina since now the 25 years of marriage has come to pass and now Arturo will have no choice than to give her half of the property but Nina thinks as of now, the divorce is not even her priority but only wants Erick to wake up from that Coma and have her family together again.

Franco calls Marintia to ask why she failed to do the abortion and she says Caridad made her reason and Franco tells her that, she should make sure that immediately the child is born he has to take the child to the orphanage. Franco confronts Caridad not to come closer to him ever again because all she’s done is to hurt him more. Kaleo goes to the retirement home to fetch Humberto and he asks him if indeed Julia is happy with her husband or not and Kaleo is in no position to answer him that. Kaleo then takes him home and Julia welcomes him but warns him again that if he tries making things difficult for anyone she wouldn’t hesitate sending him back to the place.

Nina checks on Erick and Clara comes to inform her about her grandchild. In the same vein, Arturo congratulates his son Miguel for helping Consuelo to deliver but again he advises him to stay away from Consuelo and Miguel finds it very tough. Nina goes to see Consuelo and she congratulates her for such a great experience. She then asks her how it all happen and after she told her, she thinks she should have hold on and not to have allowed Miguel to deliver her grandson because Miguel is to blame for Erick’s misfortune and Consuelo thinks she isn’t destiny to determine where to deliver.

Gabby wants Franco to consider so they can have children but it over the bar for Franco since he isn’t ready but Gabby is ready and Franco understood but needs a bit more time and Gabby looks happy. Caridad and Eladio argue about the situation with Marintia’s pregnancy and the troubles this can bring and suddenly Julia arrives upon seeing how Caridad yells at Eladio, she asks her why raising her voice against her husband and Eladio thinks it’s nothing because Caridad is only angry as she is not comfortable that he always find fault with her report. Julia looks a bit nervous because she senses something different and Eladio thinks she is jealous because he loves it when she gets jealous but there is no need because she will forever be the love of his life.

Jorge tells Regina that he is still interested in her and should for every reason she thinks David isn’t the right man for him, he will be there waiting and upon David seeing them together he becomes jealous but Regina says he shouldn’t because he loves him. Miguel goes to see Consuelo and she confesses that she can’t stop loving him and straight away they kiss.

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