Good Sin – Episode 8 – “Doubtful Chastity”


Dzifa ignored him yet kept her eyes on Eva. “Surprised, I guess. Well I hope, you know who this guy is. Ben, the father of your child” She said.
An atmosphere of surprise blew across the office as Dzifa made known her revelation. Eva was just lost, without any words coming out of her mouth. Just then, Ben hurriedly went to where Eva was seated at the office and knelt down and begun begging.
“What is going on here?” Patrick asked. He was confused as Eva. As if that wasn’t enough, Dzifa kept on talking.
“My dear, this lady, you see here is just an opportunist. That’s the real father of her unborn child and not you.” Dzifa said.
All this while, Ben was still down on his knees begging. That was too much for Eva to bare. she knew for fact that Patrick, her manager was not responsible for her child, but rather the rapist and Dzifa here claiming Ben is the father of her child meant that he was the rapist.
“Eva, is that true? I’m not responsible for your pregnancy?” Patrick asked her. Eva on the other hand, ignored Ben totally as if he didn’t even exist. She got out of her chair in tears, walked past Ben who was still on his knees begging, took her hand bag and went straight towards Patrick, took his hand and watched straight into his eyes.
Patrick didn’t see the Eva he used to know, he saw a young girl with potentials yet very hurt. He knew there was something about Eva’s past that he can’t seem to figure it out.
Surprisingly for Dzifa, she noticed that her husband was very emotional about the whole thing and what even amazed her was when Patrick also held Eva’s hand firmly while they stood there watching each other in the eye. For a moment you may think they were in love. This even made Dzifa more jealous yet there was nothing she could do than to watch.
“Tell me if am the father of the Child. Eva, is what my wife saying the truth? He asked again. The tears in Eva’s eyes kept running down her checks more even when she attempted to answer him.
“Please stop crying, I am sure there is more to this than it looks here but for now, I just need you to tell me, if I am the father or not” He said.
“Biologically, no yet you are more than a father to this baby” Eva said.
The news however broke Patrick’s heart, you could tell how disappointed he looked. He really wished he was the father to that child but he needed more answers, the answer Eva gave was definitely not enough for him.
“Eva, but why? am I an enemy to you?” He asked.
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“You can’t blame me entirely for what I did, you played a role in it and so did your wife. she can give you all the answers you need. I am sorry” She said and walked out on them leaving Dzifa, Ben and Patrick himself.
Ben also went out after Eva, just afterwards, but unfortunately for him, he didn’t see the way Eva went.
“Do you mind telling me what the hell is going on” He angrily asked Dzifa. That took Dzifa by surprise; she didn’t expect him to react that way.
“What? Patrick, is that the way you talk to your wife after cheating on her?” She asked.
“Yeah, yeah, that has always been my cat calls. I know I am a cheat, we have already established that, but tell me, when was the last time we made love? when was the last you even kissed me?. The last time I checked, it was on our wedding night. I am a man, blood runs through my veins. I don’t even know who you are anymore; I’m beginning to even have regrets over this marriage.” He revealed.
Ever since their wedding night, Dzifa never gave her husband the opportunity to make love to her. It’s either, she was tired after work or she was just not in the mood. Patrick on the other hand resulted into finding solace somewhere else and that was when he eventually ended up with Eva.
There was a whole mystery about Dzifa that Patrick couldn’t just figure out even after their marriage. Before they got married, Dzifa claimed she was a virgin but on that wedding night, it didn’t seem so. Patrick had his doubts but gave it all up, because no matter what the case maybe, she was still his wife.
Having said this, He also left the office leaving Dzifa. Just then, Dzifa took her phone from the purse and made a phone call.
The phone call was to Ben and just after she ended the call, Ben was back at the office.
“You didn’t tell me it was going to be this way, now I even feel guilty more than before” He said.
“Look don’t blame me, I need my husband back and you also need Eva, let’s just remain focus” She said.
Ben didn’t look happy with what was going on, but it seems he had no option than to play along with Dzifa. Surprisingly Dzifa, took Ben’s hand.
“Stop it, we are in your husband’s office for Christ sake” Ben said.
“Oh come on, He is not here, I miss you” Dzifa said. “Let’s go back to the guest house”.
All along when Patrick was looking for his wife after he was caught red handed with Eva, Dzifa was logging with Ben in a hotel. Both of them where intimately involved with each other. When Patrick was being denied sex from the hands of his wife, another man somewhere was having it at a silver platter.
To be Continued.
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