Road to Destiny – Monday (08/Nov/2016)



In today’s episode,
Havier has been able to help Maribel to control her stealing act and now she tells him that though sometimes she feels like stealing things but she is has the self-control now. Havier then tells her that now he has to go to Spain to take up a job he was offered since he has nothing to do in Mexico as the only thing that kept him glued was Fernanda but she’s made up with Carlos. Havier again asks her if she knows about an unreturned love and how painful it is and she says YES. So Havier seems interested and therefore wants them to talk about it but Maribel left leaving Havier hanging.
Carlos goes with Fernanda to speak with Pedro to ask for Fernanda’s hand in marriage and he asks him for his blessings and Pedro accepts and gives them his blessings.
Amelia thanks Aldoniaz for rescuing them from Mariana’s evil intentions and Aldoniaz promises her that he is going help them to gain everything legally before Mariana does because with the attitude Mariana showed at the hearing he can tell she isn’t going to do everything to get hold of the estate.
The court sits on Luis’ shooting case and Carlos is called to the stand to ask him why he wanted to kill Luis and he tells the truth to the court that he only threatened him but never did it but the defends counsel says he is lying. Marissa is called and she also tells the court what she knows about the threatening of her son killing Luis and Isabella is also called to the stand and she also confirms that he threatened Luis actually but that was in the heat of the argument.
Henan suggests to Mariana that they leave the house to get an apartment elsewhere since the estate no longer belongs to them but Fernanda but Mariana refuses to leave because she will fight for the inheritance with the first WILL and Henan asks her to thread caution because that document is a fake one but she shuts him down that walls have ears and luckily Blanca was eavesdropping already.
Lucero’s mother goes to the university to speak with Rosaura that she’s regretted everything she’s done to her daughter and now she wants to make amend but unfortunately, Diego tells Rosaura that that woman rejected her daughter Lucero and he took it upon himself to take care of her and so there is no point in seeing her. Luis intentionally tries being sarcastic when he was called to the stand and he tells the court that Carlos hates him so much because he is the president of the Bank and this pulls Carlos on his feet to challenge Luis and Luis stands on that to show the court how much hate Carlos has towards him because and even his girlfriend Fernanda knows about it and quickly Pedro asks them to leave because that lunatic of a cow Luis wants to drag her into the situation but she tells Pedro that Carlos needs her now more than ever.
Fernanda is called to the stand and she defends Carlos and Solorzano says Carlos is the one because he perfectly heard the gun men stating that Carlos was the one who sent them. This statement actually contradicted with his statement at first but Luis says he is Guilty.
Camila looks so lonely and she asks herself what even pushes her to enter into such a character because she regrets all this as this has caused everyone to move away from her.
Diego goes home to tell Lucero about her mum’s visit but because he treated him like trash he never went to see her and therefore asks Lucero to forget about her mum because no matter what he won’t allow her to see her ever and she looks so worried.  Andrea calls Leopoldo to tell him that Carlos has been accused of attempted murder and Leopoldo thinks that is unfair and therefore he is going to correct everything because Marissa is a good friend to him and Carlos shouldn’t pay for a crime he knows nothing about.
Straight away, Leopoldo goes to the court to tell the truth that he is the one who ordered the shooting of Luis and not Carlos and they all become shock. Luis’ counselor and Luis think Leopoldo is lying but the judge would want to hear his side of the story. Leopoldo then tells the whole truth that he carried out that task as a revenge on Luis for ruining his life about something he knew nothing about and even ended him in prison. The court goes on recess and Luis approaches “Fernanda can I speak with you please my daughter?” Fernanda then becomes so furious at the statement because she fails to understand why this man calls her a swindler and then now a daughter.
Luis confronts Mariana for lying to her about Fernanda and because of that he is not going to forgive her ever and will let her pay. Luis goes to Pedro’s house to look for Fernanda but Pedro almost strangled him to death yet Luis says he’s going to be back to take his daughter away and in the same vein, Carlos and Fernanda and Pedro Jnr were having a nice time by the river side. In the same vein, Amelia thinks Pedro should try to tell Fernanda the truth if not she is rather going to feel disappointed in them if Luis rather tells her and Pedro agrees because if not Fernanda will never forgive them.
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