Kumkum Bhagya – Monday (08-11-16)


Tannu is shocked to find Nikhil in the house but she hides the fact that she wants to take part in the dandiya event that is to be held during at night.
Nikhil, on the other hand, warns her against taking part in the event as she is currently pregnant. Feeling imprisoned and in her eagerness to dance and win the dandiya competition, Tannu tries to flatter Nikhil and expresses her desire to spend time with him during the function.
Meanwhile, Raj sees Vijay fooling around and asks him about his preparation. Vijay, once again, leaves Raj impressed when he displays his skills.
Later, Bulbul is forced to drop out of the dandiya function as she injures herself. Will Tannu succeed in her endeavour to take part in the dandiya?
Abhi finds Tannu dancing in the event organized at the house and gets extremely furious with her. He questions her as to why she is dancing when she is pregnant.
Tannu tells Abhi that she was forced to do so. She adds on that she required money for her medical checkup, and she did not have any other option apart from dancing.
Tannu blames Pragya to be reason for her dancing. An angry Abhi, then takes Pragya to a room where he questions about her activities.
He tells Pragya that no matter what, he would never leave Tannu alone. On the other hand, Pragya tells to herself that Abhi is getting trapped in the Tannu’s trap and is not willing to understand that, she is planning against him.
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