Passion and Power – Monday (07/11/16)



In today’s episode,
Gabby goes to wait in the room and immediately Franco enters, she questions him that, until when did he plan on telling her that Eladio is his father and Franco becomes anxious and asks her where she heard it.  She replies that she eavesdropped on his conversation with Eladio and Franco tries denying it but Gabby makes him understand that she isn’t a stupid person and naïve as she perfectly got the understanding of what they talked about.
 Franco then has to admit that it’s the truth and Gabby thinks Eladio all this while has been deceiving Julia which is unfair. Franco tells her to keep it a secret but Gabby thinks she can’t be their accomplice. 
Arturo asks the detective from the insurance company who could be so wicked to want his son dead and he gives him the exact information and pictures about how the accident happened. He then asks Arturo to involve the police since they can help him with the case.
Franco then calls Eladio and before Gabby, tells Eladio that she now knows the secret that he is his father. Eladio then lets her know that she can’t say anything yet but still Gabby thinks her silence only means that she will be deceiving her auntie and Eladio says she can judge him for all she wants but telling Julia will only destroy her happiness which Gabby doesn’t want to sadden Julia’s heart and Eladio convinces her with her words and she unwillingly agrees to keep it a secret.
Arturo asks Miguel if he had a hand in Erick’s accident and he tells his father he is incapable of doing so but it hurts him seriously that his father doesn’t know him well. Arturo says it isn’t that he knows him not but the fact is one can do awful things when it concerns love. Arturo then goes to reveal the secret to Nina that the detective has revealed that Erick’s accident was caused intentionally as someone tampered with the breaks and Nina concludes then that it’s Miguel as she clearly overheard him telling Clara he wished Erick had died in the accident but Arturo makes her to understand that Miguel is innocent but Nina wants to report him to the police yet Arturo says he wouldn’t allow it but that time the police were standing there and critically listening to their conversation.
Clara discloses to Consuelo that Miguel told her that the insurance company has revealed that Erick’s car brakes were tampered and immediately, Nina arrives and angrily tells Consuelo that her lover Miguel is the one who tried to kill her husband but Consuelo defends Miguel before Julia that he is incapable.
In the same vein, the police go to ask Miguel to go with them to the station give his statement since he is a suspect and he goes with them as well as Augustin to give his statement.
Daniela reveals to Eladio that the insurance company has disclosed that Erick’s accident was caused by someone and Eladio looks so shocked and so quickly, he goes to see Arturo to assure him that he is going to help him find out the one who caused that drastic accident to Erick by asking a friend of his who is the owner of that storey building to give him the videos of the security Cameras to see if he can see the culprit and Arturo tells him he actually wants the videos but Arturo is willing to pay him back since he doesn’t want to owe him any favors but Eladio says he wants to help him without any conditions. 
 In the same vein, Arturo’s secretary calls Franco to inform him that, she overheard Arturo saying that the police are investigating into the situation and also Eladio is there speaking with Arturo but as to the exact sayings she can’t tell and Franco asks her to do everything possible to get him updated and Angela wonders for what reasons and Franco becomes desperate.
Kaleo calls Franco to the workplace and puts it to him that he certainly knows that he caused Erick’s accident and he tries denying it but Kaleo calculates things to him about not reporting Erick to the police after the supposed attack on him and after seeing the culprit he asked him to work for him yet Franco thinks he has nothing to explain to him and Kaleo thinks he should suit himself but the fact is Eladio has demanded for the Videos to help Arturo know the culprit and Franco looks very worried.
Franco goes to tell Eladio to leave things the way they are for Arturo to do his own investigations but Eladio still wants to help and one could see how Franco looks very nervous. Suddenly, Arturo calls Eladio to let him know that he was able to get the videos from his (Eladio) friend who is the owner of the apartment through the court order. Eladio looking at how nervous Franco looks, tells him that he hopes he has no hand in Erick’s accident and Franco is sure about it.
 In the same vein, the police bring the video to Arturo and after watching it, Arturo can’t figure out and so he asks the police officer to help him know the identity of that guy and the police still think that Miguel still remains a suspect as they suspect he could have hired that guy to damage the breaks.
6 months pass by and Eladio calls David to tell him that he has to come home with Regina because he wants to throw a big feast for them as the two of them have greatly done well with the construction company and Julia thinks the therapy has indeed helped Eladio and her very much because he now sees that her husband has a good heart and also their forgiveness has truly led to their great marriage and happiness and that is how it’s going to be and she kisses Eladio.
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