Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 102


​I got something to eat and then i was back to my dorm when i saw damian at the hallway, walking towards me with a smiley face.
Damian: hey man
Me: now thats unlike damian how you doing bro i said acting normal.
Damian: i called dad when you told me to, and i know exactly everything. Thanks man he said smiling abit.
Me: oooh its really nothing, theres no way am gonna keep your credit card when i know your gonna be needing it. I did what any brother will do, see ya i said walking pass him.
Damian: lucas, i know have been a jerk, but if anyone is bothering you around here, feel free to tell me and i’ll see that his a-s is kicked. That what big brothers do i guess he said smiling a bit.
Me: hmmm impressive i said smiling, you are willing to do that for me because i gave you your credit card??
Damian: nope, because i have a better understanding of things now, there’s nothing more important than family lucas.
Me: yeah the saying is quute true but with you, i guess that doesnt include me.
Damian: it does now lucas, am changed, see you around he said leaving.
This is really getting too much for just a day, first was dera, the second was the psychic and now damian sees me as family. Well i suppose thats good news i said walking into my room to see sophia sleeping.
Me: i cant believe after wandering, all over the lower town and eating those candy whatever, you’d be sleeping like you did some hard job i said walking to my locker with a smile.
Days flew by so quickly, with everyone trying so hard to prepare so well for exam, sure no one wants a bad grade. After lots and lots of tireless preparation, we all hanged out at the fun park, got a huge jar of ice creams, did alot of fun activities like flying a train and riding artificial horses. And then it was time for our exams, well i could hadly wait to be done with it so that i can go home. I really cant imagine what my next birthday would be like i thought smiling.
Me: first time since a very long time mum gonna be around on my birthday. It closing in really fast i thought
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he’s become more like milano’s buddy everyday that goes by, milano spent more time in styles than in MJ although there were lots of competent hands he felt like he found someone he could really trust.
Forbes seized the opportunity to buy more shares, after getting over 70percent of the board members on his side. Currently he owned 55percent of the company shares and milano own 40percent. He sat in office smiling as he dialed mirabel’s private line.
Mirabel: hello forbes
Forbes: stage is set mirabel, the board meeting holds tomorrow at MJ.
Mirabel: and??
Forbes: we are taking over because milano have to step down he said with smile on his face.
Mirabel: thats sounds alot more like goodnews to me she said with smile.
Forbes: see you tomorrow then, and uhmm mirabel it really wasnt easy convincing the board. I told them am gonna get the ceo of fadden corp to the meeting tomorrow, to open a whole new word of business for MJ and they bought a whole lot. Perhaps you should know, so as not to meet any suprises.
Mirabel: as long as that b—–d gonna have to step down then that’s cool she said with a grin
To be continued