Road to Destiny – Monday (07/Nov/2016)



In today’s episode, 
Luis goes to Pedro’s house and tells him that he came there specifically to see his daughter. Pedro becomes so angry and tells him that, he has no daughter but Luis says to him that, even though he took possession of her but he’s back to claim what belongs to him and won’t allow him to continue putting his dirty hands on his daughter and quickly, Pedro Jnr calls out “grandpa” and Luis asks Pedro if that is his grandson and tries to go snd carry him but Pedro warns him not to dare touch him if not he will finish him there because the fact is Fernanda may not be his daughter but he never sent her to jail instead, he (Luis) did.
Luis then tells him that he will look for her and ask for forgiveness and he is sure with her noble heart, she will forgive him because he needs both her and his grandson by his side. After he left, Pedro says to himself that the day he feared so much is what has come.
Aldoniaz brings a report to Carlos that now they have to close down some of the bank’s branches if not, it will go against the bank because Luis gave out loans to ghost companies which has collapsed the financial standing of the bank and Marissa looks so hurt and disappointed in herself to have signed that power of Attorney but Carlos promises her to not worry as he and Aldoniaz will see to get the bank back on it’s financial foundation.
Luis now is haunted by all the wrongs he did against Fernanda and due to this, he drinks alcohol to the max while shedding tears and Isabella asks him about his reason for drinking. He spills the truth to her that Fernanda is his daughter. Isabella thinks it’s impossible because that swindler and good for nothing can’t be his daughter but Luis warns her not to dare insult his daughter if not, she will have him to contend with and so Isabella therefore thinks if that is so, then he has to go look for an apartment and not stay with her in his house again.
Quickly, there was a knock at the door and surprisingly, it was Marissa and she asks Luis about his mission there and they become nervous. Luis then tells Marissa that Isabella was the one who invited him over to her house to stay there until he recovers and Isabella tries explaining things but she tells her that, seeing them together only proves that they are accomplices and therefore she is leaving but she warned Isabella that she actually doesn’t know what she is putting herself into.
The Altamirano’s lawyer meets with the whole family to read the last WILL and Testament of Don Fernando; the first one states that everything goes to Mariana Altamirano and it looks strange to everyone yet when it seemed all hope was lost, Aldoniaz arrives to give the lawyer the real WILL and Testament of Don Fernando and the lawyer takes a critical look at it and pronounces that, the first one was a falsified document but what Aldoniaz gave him is the real one but Mariana thinks it’s impossible because everything is hers.
The WILL goes like this; (1) Blanca gets the beach apartment and a sizeable amount of money which should be disclosed only to her by the lawyer and deposited in a secret bank account. Mariana goes against it but she can’t do anything about.
(2) Camila gets an amount that will cover her expenses at the university and personal expenses and this one too, Mariana frowns on it but there is nothing she can do.
(3) Henan should continue to be the general manager of the company so he can continue to generate income for the purpose to continue taking care of Mariana his wife and if for any reason their marriage comes to an end, she has to be paid a monthly allowance so she can continue as long as she meets all the requirements specifically stated in the WILL. Mariana then speaks to herself that, though it seems so small but she thanks her daddy because at least she wouldn’t be poor.
(4) Amelia still takes the position as the president of the company and the administrator of the properties and the rest of the fortunes which is meant to be the inheritance of the daughter of Amelia and Pedro’s daughter whose identity he never knew but hopes this makes up to his granddaughter for his failure to be a grandfather to her. 
Fernanda says she doesn’t want anything from him and Mariana says she is glad as she wouldn’t allow her to see a single cent of her father’s fortune but Amelia says that is the final WILL of their father and no one can do anything about it. Mariana then throws a challenge to Amelia that, the war between them begins today and it’s a war until death. 
Luis tells Solorzano that he can’t continue living this way because he knows Isabella will be kicking him out of her house any moment. So, he’s decided to go see Marissa because he knows she will forgive him and accept him back into her life again after he withdraws the lawsuit against Carlos and Solorzano thinks that decision is his and if that is what he says then he has to withdraw it.
Marissa gives Luis’ the divorce papers but he tears it stating that he won’t sign them.
Carlos proposes marriage to Fernanda, seals it with a ring and they both look so happy.
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