Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 101


​Me: staring at her for awhile, scoffs, really if this is some kind of joke you really have to stop it.
Lady: i dont joke around lucas, show me your palm, i stretched out my palm and she covered it in hers again.
Me: ok maybe she wants to comfirm what she saw i thought, but this time her eyes were open but her pupils dialated, as she explained what she was seeing.
Lady: i see a baby dragon left to wonder with the supervision of its mother from afar. Right there in your heart, all you wanted to do was help, when you saw how helpless and defenseless it was. You’ve both come along way, but the little dragon you saw wandering can now fly and very soon it gonna breath fire, thats gonna consume you too if you’re not careful.
Me: why would i want to help a dragon?
Lady: because in reality it not a dragon, its a human, a lady precisely. It might not want to hurt you but somehow your gonna get hurt.
Me: all this makes no sense!! I said with lot of frustration.
Lady: make no mistake its not evil, its called nature.
Me: what the hell is she saying i thought, am still lost here, i said.
Lady: its a lady lucas, you cant help her, shes more protected than you think that get involved, am afraid thats all i can say.
Me: right fine how do i keep away from this.
Lady: am afraid the chance of you scaling through unhurt is slim, its called fate. There are two ladies luke, be weary of the closet. On your birthday you’d see a sign, be careful lucas.
Me: i wasnt sure of what to say to her, i stood up pondering over what she said, no matter how i thought about it, it made no sense.
I walked to join the others outside..
Sophia: luke!! What took you so long??
Ricky: perhaps she saw you are gonna get married  5times in this life, he said chuckling.
Me: am really finding this place weird lets just leave i said walking past them.
Mira: you think he’s alright she asked sophia.
Sophia: i really dont think so.
Ricky: hey man!! Wait up before you go missing, he called out as he ran quickly to catch up with him while sophia and mira paced up too. Why are you acting all weird dude.
Me: am i weird?? i said trying to act normal, well am really tired of this place, i feel like am gonna have a panic attack, he said with a bit plumpy face.
Ricky: ooopsss i guess we should leave quickly, he said looking at the ladies as we paced up to car.
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I felt abit relieve getting to my car, it felt like i left the weird world to my real word.
Me: exhaling deeply.
Mira: are you ok??
Me: am fine now i said breathing hard.
Ricky: hahaha he was gonna have a panick attack on our way here, he thinks the lower town is weird.
Me: i dont think it is weird because its weird!!.
Sophia: no its not she said smiling.
Mira: i think so too.
Ricky: and thats why i never missed this timed photo he said showing a picture of lucas, with face squeezed like he was gonna have a panic attack.
Sophia: hahahah you look so cute.
Me: ricky!! You’re gonna delete that.
Ricky: not until pamela sees it he said smiling and pim! He punched the screen with the tip of his finger.
Me: what is wrong with you!!
Mira: she was about saying dont send that ricky, when he did.
Me: lets get going already i said getting my car with sophia and was of to school.
Sophia: smiling  i know you think you had everyone fooled but not me lucas, i know she said something weird.
Lucas: uhmm abit weird but trust me it nothing you’d want to worry about.
Sophia: when we were friends, i was worried about alot of things with you in it, and now you are my brother trust me its even worst now. You know i dont give up right, perhaps you need a remainder.
Me: ooh come on i said smiling a bit, uhmm she said in one of her weird trance she saw me die, that was the only thing i understood from all the gibberish she said.
Sophia: what!! She said with alarmed look, when and how did you say that happened.
Me: from what she said i think she meant someone i helped a whole lot with the thought she’s harmless is over protected. And if i keep getting involved am gonna get hurt. Thats what i think she meant anyway. Well you know i dont really believe in this but then she called my name.
Sophia: the psychic have of ways relating real events to some imaginary picture like the once they see. Things dont go the way they say it you know, you might wanna think about some other way, but in the end everything becomes clearer.
Me: perhaps you do know alot about psychic’s i said smiling a bit while i drove.
Sophia: how about you start by remembering the names of ladies you’ve helped.
Me: have never been really into ladies, except for i paused as her name popped in my head.
Sophia: say it lucas
Me: except for dera, she’s the only girl i think have offered some sort of help, i said staring at her weirdly.
Sophia: keep your eyes on the road luke lets talk about this in your room.
To be continued