Passion and Power – Monday (02-01-17)



n today’s episode,
Arturo confronts Eladio as to why he has to cancel his license for his construction at Arivea Maya and Eladio tells him that is just a tip of an ice berg to prove to him that their confrontation will never end until of them is dead.
Humberto calls Arturo to tell him about Eladio’s threat to kill him for telling him the truth about Franco but unluckily for him Franco eavesdrops from behind without his notice and entering Humberto hang up and Franco says he knew all along that he was the one who revealed the secret to Arturo but Humberto tries denying it but Franco intentionally tries calling Eladio to inform him and Humberto begs him not to do so. Franco then blackmails him that, to buy his silence, he has to treat him well from now onwards also, to convince Julia to accept the idea to ask Eladio to give him his sir name and Humberto agrees.
Eladio and Julia go through the last proceedings of the divorce and they both sign reluctantly and they are now pronounced divorced but the two looks so sad and Julia cries her eyes out they both wish themselves well.
Daniela and David agree to go to the beach to spend time together while Daniela goes there to have her photo shoot.
Eladio looks so shocked seeing Franco and David getting along so well and David asked him to calm down since that is how it’s going to be as Daniela made him see it’s not good having any grudge against Franco and Eladio looks so pleased.
Humberto goes to speak with Gabby whiles she has a chat with Julia that he would want her (Gabby) and Franco to have dinner with him and this comes to them as a surprise but he tells them to get use to the idea because now he is a changed person and wants to make Franco feel that he is one of them. Gabby looks so happy and left to tell Franco about the good news and so, Humberto again seized the opportunity to ask Julia to convince Eladio to give his name to Franco since it’s not good to live with resentment.
David again asks his father to support him so he can travel abroad and Eladio agrees but wants a reason for doing so and David states that, it’s because he can’t stand seeing Regina with another man and Eladio thinks that means he is still interested and in love with Regina and he admits it.
Erick goes to enjoy alcohol with his friends to the maximum and he goes to Consuelo’s apartment to force himself on her stating that if she doesn’t give him what he wants he will not let her see her son and Consuelo tries freeing herself but Erick looks stronger than her and took advantage of Consuelo.
Marcus calls Franco to tells him that the finance company has already placed Gabby’s factory on a for sale price and now 2 people are already showing interest and Franco thinks it’s a perfect idea and also his wife has no idea so Marcus should keep it a secret whiles he thinks of a way to tell her.
The day arrives and Arturo and Nina also goes for the divorce signing and whiles Arturo looks so happy doing it, Nina feels so down but in all Arturo calms her down stating that now he is free 
Consuelo calls Clara whiles in the middle of a conversation with Miguel but she pleads with her not to tell Miguel about the call and she goes over to see her and Consuelo tells her about everything and Clara thinks she has to report Erick to the police but Consuelo doesn’t think it’s a good idea since he can’t let the father of his son to end up in prison. Clara thinks then she has to tell Miguel and that she says that might cause Miguel to beat up Erick and can cause him in jail and she can’t stand seeing the love of her life in jail too.
Daniela and David arrive at the fiesta Americana to have her photo shoot and to also spend some time together and in the same vein, Regina also enjoys the moment with Jorge at the children’s park.
Arturo takes champagne to see Julia at the foundation to ask her to celebrate with him since he is now officially divorced and now there is nothing that prevents them from being together like before but Julia tells him that she is so sorry but she never got divorce because of him though she is happy that she is not with Nina since that was what she wanted but it will be best if he looks for another woman elsewhere to be happy with her and Arturo looks so dumbfounded.
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