Kumkum Bhagya Episode 391 (Monday 2nd January) 


 Today on Kumkum Bhagya ,Nikhil learns that Tannu has gone out with Abhi and this upsets him as Tannu was ignoring his calls. Abhi meets Sarla at the market place and assures her that he will be there for her like a son during her time of need.

 He further asks Sarla for her permission to marry Tannu. Abhi reaches home and announces that he will be marrying Tannu. He further says that Pragya was wrong when accusing Tannu of going after his money.

 Tannu starts to shout at Pragya for laying false accusing her and declares her love for Abhi. How will Nikhil react to all that he has just witnessed? 

Abhi expresses his disappointment towards God and blames his distrust to be the cause for all the problems of his life. Tannu and Pragya come face to face and Tannu claims that she does not need Abhi’s wealth as Abhi can easily earn money through his concerts. 

But Pragya highlights the fact that if Abhi takes part in any concert without her permission, she can file a legal case against him. Later, Pragya poses as Tannu’s security guard and calls up Tannu. 

She blackmails Tannu and claims that she knows her secret. 

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