If u are Govt worker check this out. Divide ur salary by 30(i.e. days in the month). 
E.g *GH¢900÷30= GH¢30* Less than amount being gained by an average hawker in the city. 
*GH¢1000÷30= GH¢33.33* Less than the amount earn daily by an average driver in the city and some villages.
 *1500 ÷30= gh¢50*  Less than the daily amount earn by a trotro, taxi, and a tipper car driver. 
And when there is an issue in the family that requires financial assistance, the driver, hawkers and the rest are looking   up to u. 
If u are a *NATIONAL SERVICE PERSONNEL*  u don’t need to be told. 
*GH¢350÷30 = GH¢12* I hope u know the pure water seller makes enough money than u each day? 
*GH¢300÷30 =GH¢10* The errand boy at Suame Magazine (fitting shop) is earning better than u. 
We are mostly deceived by the apparent attractive name of the amount earn at the end of the month without breaking it down to daily earnings.
*Start a business now*