On that fateful day, Amina was on
her way to school when a motor cycle
knocked her down!
She was rushed to a nearby hospital
That night in her dream, an old woman
in white garment appeared to her and
warned her sternly that:
“As soon as you are discharged from
the hospital,
you must wash the blood stains from
that cloth you wore that day you were
involved in an accident otherwise
something terrible may happen to
Amina thought it was just an
ordinary dream not until she saw the
same old woman in her dream
again&again&again…. telling her to
wash the blood stains from the cloth.
This time,
Amina was frightened and told her
mother the dream.
Her mother simply told her to do
exactly as she was told.
The moment Amina got home from
the hospital, that very day she was
She soaked the cloth and started
She washed and washed but there was
still small stain of blood on the cloth
because the blood stains had dried

She got tired and rinsed the cloth like
It was a white gown.
That night in her dream, the same old
woman appeared to her again and told
her to wash the cloth very well that
there was still blood stains on it which
may cause something terrible to
happen to her.
When Amina woke up, she checked
the time, it was 4:00am…everyw here
was still dark. She was consumed with

….,and because she was afraid of the
old woman’s caution,
she got up, took the cloth and started
She scrubbed it so hard that it felt like
it was going to tear.
Amina was scrubbing the cloth so
hard that tears almost started dropping
from her eyes when all of a sudden,
someone tapped her from behind.
She turned and behold, the old woman
in her dream had appeared to her in
real life….
Out of fear, Amina got up to run but
fell down.
The old woman drew closer to Amina
and said softly,

“Henceforth! Use ARIEL detergent to do
your washings.”
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