Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 85


​I was back to my room when sophia called me.
Sophia: little bro!! Can you come over to my room.
Me: hahha you need not ask baby sis i said smilling.
Sophia: you might wanna come along with your books cos you wont be leaving anytime soon.
Me: yes ma’am am right on my way. I grabbed my bag, put in my laptop picked a few books and was off to sophia’s room in the girls dorm.
I turned the knob without knocking as the door flew open, i walked in, to see her punching the keys of her laptop.
Me: what are you doing??
Sophia: updating my diary she said with a smile.
Me: uhmmm if you wanna keep a diary why no do it the old fashioned way??
Sophia: i like this way better.
Me: sitting on the bed close to her am your bro right?
Sophia: thats what i was told she said chuckling.
Me: so i guess i can see your diary i said winking.
Sophia: no way!!! She said closing her laptop.
Me: you must have alot of secrets sophy i said tickling her abit, staring at her from the corner of my eye.
Sophia: hahaha stop being naughty luke, its not a secrets, its my personal affair its meant for my eyes only she said smiling.
Me: hmmm i see and that includes leo right i said smiling.
Sophia: huuuh how did you know about leo?? she asked sitting up.
Me: smiling relax he’s my gym instructor, i saw the happy looks on his face when talked to you sometime ago.
Sophia: really!! She said smiling abit
Me: yeah sophy, well his cute you guys are gonna make a wonderful couple you know i said smiling.
Sophia: and his way hotter than you!! She said sarcastically
Me: huuuh!! Thats a lie!!
Sophia: hahahha say whatever you like you cant change that fact.
Me: hahaha well science has it that when an individual is deeply in love with someone, they kinda see them more beautifully and handsome!! By chance are you in love with him?? I said smiling.
Sophia: hitting me with her pillow dont ask me that!! She said smiling. Now i think its your turn luke, you remember we made a bet right??
Me: oooh yeah i do
Sophia: the girls week is over, you even spent the weekend with her she said smiling so tell me are you still gonna break up with her or not??
Me: uhmmmm…uhmm..sophy
Sophia: hurry say it, i cant wait for you to do my laundries she said rubbing her palm together, trust me i have a huge basket of dirty cloths.
Me: come on sophy its kinda hard, i like the way i feel around her, i just dont want it to stop.
Sophia: yeeeaaah you lost!!! She said excitedly.
Me: ooh come on i havent said i wont.
Sophia: hahahaha stop being hard on yourself, i saw you guys in the pool, have never seen you that happy ever before luke.
Me: have tried so hard to hate her, to keep her as far away as possible but somehow sophy my heart keep growing so fond of her, the more i try to push her away the more i need her. She seem to perfectly fit into the space here in my heart.
Sophia: resting her head on his shoulder, its called love luke, you dont have to fight it, just let it all in she said with a smile.
Me: but i really dont wanna get hurt, she makes me feel so weak and transparent.
Sophia: luke everyone feels insecure with love around, i really think you have nothing to be scared of because at the end of the day even when you get hurt you can look back with smiles on your face saying to yourself i gave it my all but it just didnt work out, but then you did whats best, you’d have no regrets.
Me: smiling alright sophy am willing to do your laundry now!
Sophia: uhmmm actually i have some other task for you she said with a grin.
Me: hahaha no no am not gonna spy on leo for you!
Sophia: fine!! Hope you know my undies too are to washed she said with a smile..
Me: ok hahah atleast let me think about it.
Sophia: alright then you have all day to think about it, she said as we both took our books to read
To be continued